9 Wedding Makeup Looks and Ideas For Indian Brides

Published on: Apr 19, 2024
Indian weddings are no less than a festival, especially for brides. They involve a lot of excitement, emotions, and rituals. With so much going on around and being the center of attraction, wanting to look the best is the least a bride should want. Being extraordinary with exceptional wedding makeup looks is what makes the Indian bride feel special on her special day. While we know all the basics of using a full coverage foundation, concealer, blush, and other face makeup products, the look you want for different functions and celebrations in your wedding needs to be considered. Once your outfits and timings of different occasions are finalized, the next step involves selecting the perfect wedding makeup look. Here is the list of different looks you can try using a different range of beauty products.

Different Wedding Makeup Looks for a Fun Filled Wedding Festivities

1. No Makeup Look

The trending no makeup look went viral, especially after celebrities went subtle with their wedding looks. The idea behind the no makeup look doesn’t mean skipping makeup. Using minimal products in a nude shade that covers your flaws while giving a natural, fresh look is what you want to achieve. Using a liquid foundation, concealer, and color corrector palette to get a clean look is the base for a no makeup look. The eye and lip makeup go subtle, too. While the attire and jewelry will do the talking, it is the face makeup that will complete your look.

2. Dewy Haldi Look

A dewy look for your Haldi ceremony is perfect to enhance the glow of the bride. While it can be both subtle and shimmery bold, using an illuminating face, a highlighter is the key to a dewy look. Do your regular makeup base. You can mix highlighter with foundation if you do not have liquid highlighter. Use liquid blusher to add a naturally flushed look for that dewy freshness.

3. Monochrome Sangeet Look

The monochrome look is quite a trending bridal look, especially for the sangeet night. While you go for a dazzling outfit for your sangeet, keeping a monochrome wedding makeup look is perfect to keep your overall look balanced. The look involves keeping the face, eye, and lip palette the same. If going for a matte look, use the same shade of matte lipstick, matte foundation, matte concealer, and matte eyeshadow kit for a monochrome matte look. Being subtle with colors is always a good idea to avoid going too loud. Play with colors to elevate your sangeet look if the outfit is simple and delicate.

4. Rosy and Bronzed Mehendi Look

While Mehendi is fun and filled with laughter and a beautiful smell, combining it with a nice rosy look with a touch of bronzer is all you need to go a bit extra for the day. Being a bride, making a style statement can never be easy. Use the blusher palette and bronzer palette to create a pink, rosy look. Choose a nice shade that matches your undertone and outfit. Use a brown shade of bronzer to add a nice rustic look to your Mehendi look.

5. Glossy Night Glow

A night function has a lot of lights around, which affects the look. Choosing a glossy night glow makeup look helps radiate an even brighter glow in the different lights. Ensure that you know the placement and color of light before choosing the eyeshadow palette colors and face highlighter placement. Your eyes will catch all the attention, whereas the highlighter will help reflect light for a nice glow. Use liquid foundation and concealer with an illuminating finish for a glossy makeup look.

6. Smokey Nudes Dinner Look

Spending time with a family dinner is the best idea to bond well before starting the new phase of life. Going subtle nude with a base and nice bold smokey eyes is perfect for grabbing attention while maintaining a decent look for dinner. Keep the base makeup simple and nicely contoured using contour powder. Use the professional eyeshadow kit along with waterproof eyeliner to create a smokey effect. Do not forget to brush your brows and finish the look with voluminous, waterproof mascara.  

7. Bold Lips with Subtle Face

A subtle face with bold lips can never go wrong on any occasion. Whatever your outfit, if you want a simple look yet come out confident and stylish, let your lips grab all the attention. Create a nice pouty look using different lip makeup techniques. After a base of lip oil, use concealer and contour palette to redefine the lips and create a perfect plump look. Layer using a bright and dark liquid lipstick. Apply a highlighter on your cupid’s bow to complete the bold lips look.

8. Dramatic Shimmer Eyes 

Glitter and glamour always go together. When it comes to wedding makeup looks, adding shimmer is the best way to accentuate your look and go a level up. Using the professional eyeshadow kit, go along and play with glitter shades and create a mesmerizing and popping eye makeup look. Add more drama using gel eyeliner and fake lashes coated with high volume mascara.

9. Traditional Look with Solah Shringar

When it comes to Indian weddings, traditional looks can never go out of style. The bindi and a unique design above the eyebrows always look beautiful and glorify your look along with the traditions. The unique look can be made using a white eye pencil and red liquid lipstick. The look includes the solah shringar or 16 adornments that a bride wears.  

The way Indian beauty has shifted from traditional to modern looks while keeping the culture and rituals alive is a beautiful journey to watch. With all the sass and confidence of the modern era with the simplicity and spark of the traditional Indian bride, the wedding makeup looks have adapted beautifully to the shift. While the women choose their different looks, ensuring that the look turns out perfect needs you to use the finest quality beauty products. Character Cosmetics takes pride in catering to the best quality face makeup on the market, including makeup primermakeup sponge, setting spray, and all other cosmetics and tools required for a flawless finish. All the beauty ranges are cruelty-free and tested by a dermatologist to ensure safe application. The waterproof formula ensures that the wedding makeup look stays intact throughout the day while you can capture every moment beautifully. Whether you want to go double matte or want a dewy and glossy look, Character Cosmetics offers pro formulas that are vegan and sustainable choices for the perfect Indian bride.

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