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Liquid lipstick is the evergreen product in every makeup vanity because of the sparkling color it adds to your makeup. Whether it is a regular day at work or a special occasion, various shades of long lasting liquid lipstick add to the perfect drama you want to create. From going subtle to rocking the bold look, a simple lipstick glide is all needed to make a style statement. 

Today, the color of your lips is not an addition to your makeup routine, but it speaks your personality loud and clear. With a liquid matte lipstick or a lip gloss, a smooth glide is all it needs to boost your confidence and flaunt any occasion with charm. The butter smooth application infused with vitamins and oils will make you explore the Character Cosmetics range of liquid Lipstick collection.

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick for Every Skin Type    

Character Creamy Matte Lip Color

What's better than a lipstick that makes your lips go from zero to 100 with just a glide? Character Creamy Liquid Matte Lipstick perfectly does what it says. With a range of 16 stunning shades, it hugs your lips for 12 hours without getting smudged and is perfect for everyday use.

Character Lip Tone

A 2-in-1 product is never a regret. Character Lip Tone is a simple solution to add the perfect tint to your lips and cheeks with 4 intense shades. The formulation is a blend of fruit pigments, vitamins, and rich oils that adds a flush of freshness and healthy glow you need. It’s a perfect addition to regular lipstick to add a voluminous look to your lips.

Character – 24 Hours Stay Lip gloss

As the name goes, buy lip gloss that stays for 24 hours straight. The formulation offers full coverage with a smudge-proof stain. It's time to say bye to fading, transferring, and crumbling lipstick and rock the summers with the Character 24 Hours Stay Lip Gloss.

Character Mini Lip Gloss

A lip gloss that’s matte is perfect to add hydration to your lips with a non-glossy finish. It contains high payoff and rich color pigments that are non-sticky and add the perfect tint. With versatile shade options, Character Mini Lip Gloss is portable and gives shine to your lips in a single stroke.

Shades for Different Skin Tones

Shades for Cool Undertone

You have a cool undertone when silver jewelry suits you the best, or you have purple and blue veins. A cool undertone works well with shades of red and pink. Hot red, cherry, pink, and similar shades create a vibrant look for blue and purple hues. For those with cool undertones and fair skin, pink and coral-colored liquid lipstick works well.

Shades for Warm Undertone

To check if you have warm undertones, look at your veins. Green veins suggest you have a warm undertone. Another way to check is to see if gold jewelry looks good on you to have a warm undertone. Bold orange and brown liquid lipstick shades glow in warm tones. Going for a nude or peach shade towards the darker side also works well.

Shades for Neutral Undertone

When gold and silver jewelry looks fabulous on you, your skin tone is neutral. A bluish-green color of the vein also indicates a neutral tone. With neutral undertones, all shades of liquid lipstick will glam up your look.

How to Use Liquid Lipstick 

Step 1: Moisturize your lips and apply a coat of lip primer to blur any lines on your lips.

Step 2: Take liquid lipstick or lip tone and directly apply on your lips. 

Step 3: For dark pigment, apply a second coat.

Step 4: If using a lipstick palette or matte lipstick, you can apply a final coat of lip gloss for a final finish.


  • When applying liquid lipstick, always apply from the center of your lips and diffuse towards the side.
  • No need to use a brush. The liquid lipstick comes with a wand and is easy to use.
  • You can use lip stain as a blush with a highlighter to complete your makeup.

 Our Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

The dash of color on your lips creates all the drama you need with your outfit. The pigment of the liquid lipstick sits on your soft lips for almost the whole day and ensuring it doesn’t irritate your skin is crucial. Many lip tone and lip gloss online contain chemicals and dye to get the extra bright color on your skin. This can cause chapped lips and can even cause severe skin irritation on and around the lips. Character Cosmetics focuses on curating long lasting liquid lipstick using vegan formulations that are safe for most skin types. The different lipstick shades are cruelty-free and dermatologically tested to make us a trusted and ethical cosmetic brand.

Why Buy Liquid Lipstick from Character Cosmetics 

A glamorous look is incomplete without the pop of color your lips add. Choosing from various shades can create enchanting looks that you can flaunt daily. Liquid lipstick gives you a smudge-proof and lightweight lipstick that lasts all day for a perfect pout. Character Cosmetics offers the ultimate transfer-proof solution for the vibrant lip color that adds glow to your makeup. We offer a plethora of shades for every outfit and occasion. Whether you buy lip gloss, lip stain, or any other liquid lipstick for your look, Character Cosmetics will be a perfect addition to your makeup arsenal.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What's The Difference Between Traditional Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick?

Traditional lipsticks offer a solid color but not a complete transfer-proof or no-crumbing solution. With advanced and finest ingredients, liquid lipstick offers the same vibrant color rich in oils and vitamins. It gives your lips volume while making them appear soft and hydrated all day long.

2. Is Liquid Lipstick Better Than Normal Lipstick?

Liquid lipstick formulas contain rich oils and vitamins, which offer you a hydrated and smooth finish while being smudge-proof and transfer-proof for the whole day. While normal lipsticks are bold and contain water for hydration, they might not be smudge-proof. Choosing the correct brand is all you need to avoid dryness and chapping while using liquid lipstick.

3. Which Is Better, Matte or Liquid Lipstick?

Both matte and liquid lipstick are trending, and for all good reasons. It depends solely on personal choice and your skin type. Traditionally, matte lipsticks go well with oily lips, whereas liquid lipstick is for dry lips. But there is no restriction. With advanced formulas and a range of products, anyone can apply matte and liquid lipstick.

4. How Long Does Matte Liquid Lipstick Last?

A liquid matte lipstick can stay on your lips for a good 12 to 16 hours without any need for touch-ups. Applying lip balm on top of lipstick can affect the stay hours and mess up the matte finish. It's best to apply a lip primer before a matte lipstick to get a long lasting and smudge proof lipstick solution.

5. Can I Wear Lip Balm Under the Liquid Lipstick?

Yes, you can wear lip balm under liquid lipstick. Lip balm creates a protective layer on your lips and makes them baby-soft and healthy. Ensure the lip balm is dry and absorbed before you coat it with the long lasting liquid lipstick.

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