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A lip palette is the ultimate solution to end all the confusion about which lipstick shade to buy. While you spend hours deciding your perfect look, messing with lipstick can make all your efforts go down the drain. With the long lasting lipstick palette, you get access to various shades and can use them to customize just the perfect shade that suits your skin. If you want to go bold or create a subtle, nude makeup look, you have just the perfect product to add to your makeup arsenal.

Whatever the outfit or occasion, a simple glide using the smooth lipstick palette adds a vibrant touch and creates the perfect mood for your look. Character Cosmetics brings you a lip palette full of pigments that lasts all day to give you a glamorous look and shine out bright. Take your chance to go out of the box and flaunt your confidence with the prettiest smile.

Lip Palette for Every Skin Type    

Character Lip Define Lipstick Palette

The perfect amalgamation of 15 vibrant colors, the Character Lip Define Lipstick Palette is just the simplest product you can come across. The highly pigmented shades subtly sit on your lips and offer all-day wear with the smoothest application. The hues allow you to mix and match for looks that make you feel your best.

Character Pro Lipstick Palette

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to achieve the perfect pout! The Character Pro Lipstick Palette brings you 18 matte cream shades palette precisely coordinated for creating smacking shades. The lip palette offers you the texture of matte lipstick with the coverage and bendability of a cream blush, making it the smoothest solution for dramatic lips.


How to Choose the Right Shade from Lip Palette

Skin Tone and Undertone

There needs to be more than just choosing the best lipstick palette. Knowing which shade to use is what changes your entire look. Your skin tone and undertone decide how a lip shade will appear on your skin. Skin tone is usually fair, medium, or dark. Further, consider if you have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. You can do the vein or white t-shirt test to know the undertone. Orange, brown, dark nude, etc., work best for warm undertones; pink, hot red, peach, etc., get highlighted on cool undertones. Neutral tones can go with shades suiting both cool and warm undertones.

Lip Size

Your lip size can make a huge difference. It's best to go for lighter and nude shades, with a lip gloss and lip tint if you have thin lips. Go for dark shades for plump and fuller lips and avoid glitter or gloss that can make your lips look too big.

Eye Color

Eye color accentuates your entire look and matching it with your lip color is the perfect idea. Use the lip palette and match the nearest shade of your eye color to get the most natural color that can glam up your look instantly.

Occasion and Outfit

What you wear can’t be ignored. The occasion and outfit help decide the mood of your makeup. Whether you go subtle or out of the box decides the shade of your lipstick. Use the lipstick palette to create a shade that highlights you from the crowd.

How to Use Lipstick Palette for Long Lasting Results

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips before prepping your face.

Step 2: Do the base makeup with face primer and foundation (you can skip foundation for a quick makeup look)

Step 3: Apply lip primer and let it dry.

Step 4: Take a lip brush and pick the color from the lip palette.

Step 5: Start applying the pigment from the center of your lips, going towards the corners.

Step 6: For a focused look, add a dash of highlighter on the cupid bow.

Our Lipstick Palette are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

Your sensitive lips add a natural color to your face. Ensuring the makeup products do not mess with the natural pigment and hydration of your lips is vital. Choosing a safe and chemical-free lipstick, primer, and gloss is always preferable. Generally, vegan ingredients suit all types of skin. Character Cosmetics uses the finest vegan formulation to create a professional lipstick palette that you can easily use for everyday purposes. Along with this, being cruelty-free ensures that you choose a guilt-free makeup product. To ensure further safety, we dermatologically test every lipstick formulation for its safety on human skin.

Why Buy Lip Palette from Character Cosmetics 

Bold lips are known for the statement they create, while a nude and subtle look brings out the sophisticated look. A simple splash of color can instantly mold your personality and build confidence to make the best impression. Choosing the best lip palette allows you to explore different shades and play with your looks as per the occasion and mood. Character Cosmetics offers creamy and matte lip shades that are just the perfect addition to your makeup vanity. Being the fastest-selling cosmetic brand, we offer the ultimate long lasting lipstick palette, which is easy to carry and gives you a photo-ready look instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Customize My Own Lipstick Color Using A Lip Palette?

Yes, you can customize your own lipstick color using a lip palette. You can mix different color shades and can mix easily to create personalized shades. Knowledge of color schemes can help you create the shade that suits your skin color and makes your lips look fuller and brighter.

2. What Types Of Finishes Are Available In Lipstick Palettes?

A lipstick palette is the most versatile product for your lips. Many finishes are available in a lip palette to help create the perfect pout. A few finishes in a lip palette are – sheer, matte, cream, glossy, shimmer, satin, metallic, etc. If selecting a matte palette, you can buy a long lasting lip gloss for the extra shine.



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