Who we are

Character Cosmetics is one of the most renowned cosmetic brands of Future Makeup India Private Limited that have evolved over the years to make the fashion world easily accessible to all the gorgeous women all over the planet Earth.

Our Story

During early 2000’s our founders developed Character Cosmetics hoping that one day its branches will not only bloom with flowers of success but it will also bear and give the fruits of confidence and beauty.

Since then, there is no looking back. Indulging in a confluence of latest and most advanced technology, creativity, inspiration and dedication, we have successfully developed a high range of fashion and make-up products that can fulfil all the make-up needs and requirements of women.

With the initial introduction of our products from Middle East, our brand today is the fastest selling brand Worldwide with its branches spread across all the continents, sharing and giving the gift of beauty and joy

Our Mission

At Character Cosmetics, we strive to formulate better ideas and bring about a revolution that makes make-up not just a tool of beautification but also an element that infuses a new energy and confidence in every soul that comes in contact with our products. We always aim to come up with such revolutionizing products that can help you in becoming everything you want to be, reflecting your true potential and at the same time keep your skin healthy naturally.

Our Vision

With a focus to make all make-up products from the professional world easily available and accessible to common women around the world, we put our best efforts in manufacturing the best ever cosmetics to cater all make-up requirements and fulfil all purposes. We want to constantly evolve and include the latest fashion cycles and trends, effectively manage distribution networks for better investments, synergize with industry’s key players for increased business and develop rewarding customer relationships and give our customers the best cosmetic choices.

What is make-up for us

Undeniably, while there is nothing that can beat the beauty of soul and mind, wearing make-up can surely boost up your confidence, charging you up from within so that you are ready to face any challenge, because you are satisfied and at peace with yourself. It is a catalyst that enhances your personality, creates an aura and can help you in transforming yourself into someone you have always desired to be.

Technically speaking then any make-up product is actually a formula developed by a chemist and used by an artist to demonstrate the creativity and excellence of mind’s imagination and power. However, any make-up product holds the power of evolving you into a more elegant, sophisticated and confident soul. And what energizes this power? Your belief- which makes any make-up product, more than just a make-up product- it’s a magical element that brings smiles, joy, faith and empowers you from within.

Our Worldwide Presence

Character Cosmetics introduced its first line of make-up products from Germany and quickly became the fastest selling brand in Middle East. Since then, we have branched out our presence in all continents. We stepped in Gulf in year 2007 and have marked our presence in prominent places across Middle East including Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

In addition, we are also among the favourite brands in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, along with South African countries like Tunisia, Kenya and Algeria. To be precise, Character Cosmetics is sold in 1200 stores around the globe, with 200 training institutes, 350 exclusive department stores and mall outlets. Our next step is directed towards solidifying our presence internationally and be at service of every woman in every corner of the world.

Our Range of Products

We are proud to boast a full-fledged line of professional cosmetic products that fulfil all your make-up requirements. Get introduced to our-

Face Make-up Product Range

Right from basic products like to the most revolutionary and innovative formula, Character Cosmetics owns a wide range of Face Make-up Products. Incorporating a line of fabulous foundations, highlighters, blushers, face primers, contouring products powders, concealers, we offer more than 400 shades in face make-up range of 50 products in varying finishes.

Eye Make-up Product Range

Eyes are attention grabbers and to dress them just in the right manner, we offer a full range of Eye Make-up Products, which transforms your eyes magically. Pick your favourites from the best ever kajal pencils, eye-contours and highlighters, mascaras, eye-liners, eye-shadows, eye-brow corrector kits and more.

Lips Make-up Product Range

Lips do all the talking; they deserve some pampering. Character Cosmetics offers a variety of Lip products that will transform your makeup game. Pick from your favourite creamy mattes, lip liners, lip primer, liquid lipstick.

Makeup sponge Product Range

Makeup blending sponge is rapidly changing the art of applying makeup with its versatile use and flawless finish. The porous and soft sponge is a tool specifically designed to give you a professional makeup finish with its simple use.

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