Face Highlighter in Our Face Makeup Products Range 

The face highlighter palette is the perfect addition to your makeup routine to make your mark on every occasion. A perfect dash of shimmer and shine, face highlighter defines your features with its silky-smooth texture. The luminous and reflecting formula of the pigmented particles helps define your cheekbone, cupid bows, nose bridge, and brow bone. Face highlighter mixes well with your skin's natural shine while reflecting the light to create a glimmer and sparkling look. 

Whatever the occasion, the shades and tones of the highlighter palette add to your gorgeous and dewy face makeup look. The illuminating glow highlighter makeup applied on prepped skin is perfect for a natural glow or an extravagant, bold look. A guide on how to use highlighter for different looks using Character Cosmetics highlighter palette will give you a radiant look all day long.

Highlighter Palette for Every Skin Type 

Character Promise Highlighter

If you are looking for a highly pigmented and all-day-lasting face highlighter formula, Character Promise Highlighter is the perfect solution. The buildable and illuminating highlighter gives you a smooth finish and is available in different shades to match every skin tone. Whatever the skin type, this highlighter for face offers a silky-smooth finish to shine out throughout your day.

Character Glow and Blush Palette

Character Glow and Blush Palette comes in pretty handy when confused about which shade to buy. With mesmerizing shades, the highlighter palette offers a glow and luminous finish for every occasion. It allows you to mix and match different shades of highlighter to create defined and chiseled looks.

Character Glow Kit

Are you looking for the ultra-pearly finish that you can rock for all your night festivals and weddings? Character Glow Kit offers 4 shades – moonstone, golden hour, halo, and holo slope. The highly pigmented and silky-smooth formula of face highlighter is just what you need for a sheer and shimmer look that complements every occasion.

Character Pro Highlighter & Blush Palette

What's better than a highlighter palette that offers multi-purpose solutions? The eight-pan Character Pro Highlighter & Blush Palette offers a silky texture and can work as a highlighter, blush, and contour palette all at the same time. The highlighter price offering an all-in-one solution is worth the investment for a healthy all-day glow.

How to Choose the Right Highlighter 

Skin Undertone

Buy highlighter that brightens up your skin tone. Always choose a shade that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Once you learn how to know your undertone and skin tone, it becomes easy to select a highlighter shade. Pink, pearl, and silver shades go very well with a cool undertone, whereas golden, champagne or brown highlighter shades are perfect for warm undertones.

Occasion and Outfit

Similar to eyeshadow and lipstick, the shade of your face highlighter depends on the occasion and your outfit. Along with this, the time of the day also helps decide the shade and coverage of highlighter. Go for heavy glow highlighter makeup for an evening function and a subtle look when there is natural sunlight. Sun gives a vibrant glow to your highlighted face.

How to Apply Glow Highlighter Makeup

Step 1: Do your base makeup, which includes moisturizing your face and applying makeup primer, foundation, and concealer for a smooth finish. 

Step 2: Use a highlighter and blush palette and select the right shade based on the occasion and your outfit.

Step 3: Apply the highlighter using a brush or fingers on the mounted parts of your face – nose, cheekbone, forehead, cupid bow, brow bone, etc.

Depending on the area you want to apply and the amount of radiance and glow you want, you can follow certain tips to apply a face highlighter:

Tip 1: Use fingertips to apply highlighter for maximum coverage and better pigment glow.

Tip 2: For a sheer look, use a cheek or fan brush to apply highlighter on your cheeks.

Tip 3: For a natural glow and luminous shine, apply foundation over face highlighter.

These tips, along with highlighter hacks - where to apply for a dewy fresh-faced look, will help you achieve a glowing radiance that shines bright.

Different Uses of Professional Highlighter Palette

When following sweat proof makeup tips to beat humidity, understanding the versatile use of highlighter can help you elevate your look. When the sun hits the highlighted body parts, it gives a glowing radiance and a gold look to die for. Here are different uses of a professional highlighter palette.

Chiseled Collarbone

Draw attention to your beautiful collarbones by using a fan brush to apply light dust on your face highlighter. This trick creates a subtle definition for a chiseled look and adds a touch of glamour, especially for off-shoulder dresses and deep-neck attire.

Leg Up on Shine

Highlighter hacks can be your best friend for those toned legs you've been working hard on. Apply a liquid highlighter down the center of your shins or mix a powder highlighter with a moisturizer. Blend upwards for a sculpted, elongated look. The trick is perfect for showing off those summer dresses.

Décolletage Delight

Don't let your decolletage miss out on the glow. Use a soft brush to apply a light touch of highlighter and contour the area. Create a subtle shimmer that complements your face makeup using the contour palette and face highlighter.

Cupid's Bow Boost

While highlighter is commonly used on the cheekbones, don't forget your cupid's bow! A touch of highlighter on the center of your upper lip after applying your matte lipstick plumps it up visually and adds a touch of dewiness.

Eyelid Enhance

Highlighters can be a fantastic substitute for your shimmer eyeshadow palette. Apply a tiny amount to your eyelids after your basic eyeshadow for a more fun, vibrant, and long lasting look.

Pro Tip: Remember, when using face highlighter, moderation is key. A subtle shimmer adds dimension, while too much can look greasy and over the top. Go for a light hand and blend well for a natural, radiant finish.

Additional Highlighting Hacks:

  • Prime Time: Apply a primer before your highlighter, especially on areas prone to oiliness, to ensure it stays put and blends smoothly.
  • Brush it Off: Use the right brush for the job! A fan brush works well for larger areas like legs, while a smaller, tapered brush is ideal for precise application on the collarbone or cupid's bow.
  • Set it Right: After applying highlighter, lightly dust the area with translucent setting powder to lock it in place and prevent creasing.

Our Face Highlighters are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan

When you buy highlighter with compromised quality and formulation, it can interfere with your skin, causing rashes, acne, and breakouts. Choosing products containing vegan formulations gives you the security of safe products and no damage to your skin. Most of the vegan ingredients are less harsh and dermatologically safe for almost all skin types. Character Cosmetics' makeup highlighter palette formula is completely vegan and tested without harming any animals. The cruelty-free and ethical approach of manufacturing allows you to choose face highlighters with lesser environmental footprints.

Why Buy Highlighter from Character Cosmetics?

A simple dash of glow highlighter makeup can create a spotlight makeup with light reflecting your glow. Applying the face highlighter over the foundation-prepped face allows you to slay the entire day with vibrant warmth and shine. Depending on the function and lighting, Character Cosmetics offers you a highlighter and blush palette to create subtle to extravagant looks instantly. Being the fastest-selling makeup brand, Character Cosmetics offers you a face highlighter with the finest ingredients and detailed formulation to amuse the charm within you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Do you Apply Highlighter at Last?

Creating the perfect glow requires the artist's final brushstroke using the face highlighter. While it is not necessary to apply a highlighter at last, it depends on the look you desire. Ideally, after layering all the face makeup products, including your foundation, concealer, and blush, it's time to elevate your canvas with the blissful touch of highlighter. This radiant finish catches the light just so, ensuring you shine from every angle.

2. Can I use a Highlighter Without Makeup?

Yes, you can use face highlighters without makeup. Highlighters can be a great way to add a touch of glow to your bare face.  Before makeup, you can mix it with your moisturizer or primer to add a subtle and dewy glow. After makeup, apply a tiny amount to your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid's bow for a subtle and radiating look.

3. Can you use a Face Highlighter Palette for the Eyes?

Makeup has no rules, and neither does any fixed way to use your ultimate highlighter and blush palette. Go beyond your imagination and use the shimmering glow of highlighter to accentuate your eyes. It perfectly replaces the glitter eye pigments and adds a nice shine to your eyelids. Ensure to be précised and stick to the gentle embrace of eyeshadows to keep a subtle yet elegant grace to your entire makeup look.

4. Do You Put Highlighter on Before or After Blush?

The order depends on the look you're going for! If you want a more natural, subtle highlight, apply it before blush. This allows the blush and highlighter to blend seamlessly for an elegant and sophisticated glow. Apply the highlighter after the blush for a more dramatic, chiseled look. This creates a defined highlight that sits on top of the blush color. Experiment and see what works best for you using the highlighter and blush palette.  

5. What should I do if I’ve Applied too much Highlighter?

Whether you are a professional or a newbie makeup artist, making mistakes is human. But when it comes to makeup, there is a solution to everything. If you have applied too much highlighter, fear not.  The following steps will help you correct and fix your makeup for that perfect look.

  • Damp the beauty sponge and gently dab your face with it to blend out the excess highlighter.
  • Apply a light dust of translucent setting powder, compact powder, or loose powder to absorb the extra shine.
  • Remember, you can always add more, but take away is a bit trickier. So, start with a light hand and gradually build up the highlighter intensity.

6. Is there a Way to Prolong the Look of a Highlighter?

For those who dare to sparkle long into the night, a secret arsenal of face makeup products is all you need. Simple products applied in the correct order can help you prolong the look of highlighter. A good base is the first thing you need. The following steps are essential for a prolonged highlighter makeup look -

  • Apply a primer suitable for your skin type before your makeup. This creates a smooth canvas and helps your makeup, including highlighter, last longer.
  • Similar to setting your base, setting a face highlighter is also essential. After applying your highlighter, lock it in place with a translucent setting spray or a loose powder. This helps prevent the highlighter from fading or smudging throughout the day.
  • Go for a long lasting highlighter formula for maximum staying power. Look for formulas labeled "long-lasting" or "waterproof" to help you fill your day with sparkle and shine.


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