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Do you avoid using concealer and wonder why your foundation is not giving you a blemish-free makeup look? While foundation works well to provide a smooth base and fading pores, concealer is a magic product to hide marks or scars, giving you flawless makeup. With the finest ingredients, Character Cosmetics brings you the best concealer palette you need in your makeup kit for rocking the spotless look every day.

Best Concealer for Every Skin Type

Character HD Full Coverage Concealer

A perfect HD concealer by Character Cosmetics is your go to solution if you are looking for full coverage and long-lasting solutions. The formula camouflages any imperfections with the smooth liquid concealer base. It is easy to blend and lightweight, making it a must-have for the perfect look. The 8 different shades allow you to choose the perfect shade so the concealer doesn’t look patchy.

Character Minikin Concealer

If you are looking for a full coverage concealer to cover your baggy eyes and blemishes and is easy to carry everywhere, then Character Minikin liquid concealer is what you need. The small pocket-size concealer comes with a creamy, buildable formula that sets without creasing for 16 hours straight. It conceals imperfections while brightening and highlighting your skin with a matte finish. 

Character Pro Concealer Palette

The ultimate Character concealer palette is here to give the professional makeup look that makes you stand out. The concealer palette offers different shades that instantly help conceal and color correct flaws and blemishes with a single product. The mollient-based formula makes it creamy and provides medium to full buildable coverage. This is the best concealer palette for you if you have scars, tattoos, birthmarks, or significant blemishes.

Character Face Define – 15 Color Concealer Palette

The Face Define concealer palette is a perfect addition to your makeup kit. With 15 cream-based shades, it offers a solution to define your facial features while instantly hiding all the blemishes and flaws. The everyday color concealer palette is perfect for neutralizing discoloration, whether you have dark circles, freckles, age spots, pigmentations, or any other blemishes.

How to Choose the Right Face Concealer

Know Skin Shade and Type

Skin shade helps decide the color of the corrector that will work to hide any marks or dark spots. You can select shades based on your blemishes and scars. Knowing the skin type is also important to decide if liquid or cream-based face concealer works for you. Liquid concealers are ideal for most skin types. Your foundation shade also helps you choose the perfect shade of concealer.

Understand Undertones

While a vein test is a common way to understand your undertone, there are many ways to learn. Purple veins suggest a cool undertone, green suggests a warm undertone, and bluish-green suggests a neutral undertone. Similarly, you can check using a piece of jewelry. If gold jewelry suits you better than silver, you have a warm undertone. If vice versa, you have a cool undertone. If both look good, you might have a neutral undertone.

Coverage Concealer

The best concealer offers medium to full coverage to ensure a spotless finish. Depending on the size and shade of your scar, you can decide the coverage needed for your face.

Concealer Palette Shades for Blemishes

  • Peach for dark circles and spot for fair skin tone.
  • Orange concealer shade helps neutralize blue hues on the skin and covers dark under the eyes for a medium skin tone.
  • Red shade is ideal for dark skin tones to balance dark circles and spots.
  • Green shade helps correct skin redness due to sunburn or other skin conditions.
  • Yellow shade covers dark circles for all skin tones and brightens purple undertones.
  • Purple concealer shade helps with the yellowness of skin and helps brighten dull skin.

How to Apply Face Concealer

Step 1: Prep your skin. Include cleaning and moisturizing your face and applying face primer to start with.

Step 2: Next comes the foundation to lighten your pores and give a smooth base for makeup products.

Step 3: Choose different shades from the concealer palette and spot-treat your marks depending on the blemishes.

Step 4: Dab and blend the face concealer using a brush or beauty sponge.

Step 5: Set the concealer using compact powder. Follow the rest of your makeup using the Character Cosmetics range of products.

Our Best Concealer Are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan

When choosing a face concealer, looking for certified and dermatologically tested products is always ideal to ensure they are safe to apply on your skin. Using low-quality concealer online can harm your skin, causing rashes, pimples, acne, and other skin problems. Character Cosmetics understands your concerns and offers the best concealers manufactured using the finest vegan ingredients. Being a cruelty-free brand, using our products makes you choose a guilt-free makeup option.

Why Buy Best Concealer from Character Cosmetics

The key to perfect blemish-free makeup is opting for a face concealer that can smoothly fade away the marks, making you ready to flaunt every style. With regular exposure to heat and dust, it is very common to get sunburn, pimples, and other skin changes. To be always ready, having more than one shade of concealer in your makeup kit is ideal. Character Cosmetics concealer palette offers the perfect solution with its range of shade options. Character Cosmetics concealer price worth the value is what you need to get flawless makeup that makes you stand out.

  Price Range ₹ 299 - ₹ 2,499
  Formula Liquid, Creamy
  Skin Type All Skin Types
  Coverage Medium to Full coverage
  Finish Matte
  Duration (Last upto) 16 hours
  Complexion  All Complexions
  Sweat proof/Water proof Yes
  Skin Concern  Covers Dark circles, Blemishes, Moles
  Shelf Life 24 to 36 Months


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. When Should We Apply Concealer?

It is ideal to apply concealer on prepped skin. Using a moisturizer, primer, and foundation as the base before face concealer provides a smooth and clean makeup look. You can apply concealer for your everyday makeup look and use high-pigmented full coverage concealer for festive occasions to give you a dramatic finish.

2. Can I Use the Same Concealer for Both Under-eye Circles and Blemishes?

There are different shades of concealer to cover different marks and spots for different skin shades. Depending on the shade of your blemishes and under-eye circles, you can decide if the same concealer will work. Character Cosmetics offers concealer palettes with different shades to cater to all your marks with a single product.

3. What Is the Difference Between a Color Corrector and Concealer?

A color corrector helps even out skin discoloration and any blemishes. Once the marks are neutralized, a face concealer helps match the spots with your skin shade. Using concealer directly without correcting the color spots can make your face look patchy and will not provide complete coverage.

4. Can You Use Concealer as a Foundation?

With the right techniques and methods, you can swap concealer with foundation, but only in minimal quantities. Using face concealer to cover your pores for dark patches and full coverage makeup will give a cakey look. For a smooth finish, using a combination of both is always best.

5. How to Apply an Under-eye Concealer?

Take a small amount of colored corrector and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes using a makeup brush. Using a beauty sponge or finger, start dabbing to blend the product. Now apply face concealer to neutralize the color corrector's shade to match your skin tone.






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