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The contour palette perfectly defines your features, giving you a chiseled look. A perfect combination of shadows and highlights helps you achieve a fuller or slimmer look without much effort. The contour powder palette is every makeup artist's magic wand to create illusions by creating plump and fuller cheekbones, a sharp jawline, a pointed nose, and an enhanced overall look.

Powder or cream, whatever texture base of contour palette you choose, the right shade and perfect application give you a professional finish that puts everyone in awe. Contouring is a sheer art of practice that allows you to play with different shades to create exciting looks. Whether defining your features or doing a transformation makeup, the Character Cosmetics contour palette is what you need to add to your makeup vanity.

Contour Palette for Every Skin Type   

Character Pro Contour Powder Palette

A perfect contour powder palette that caters to every part of your face is no longer a dream. Character Cosmetics brings you 8 shades for a contour palette price of 1. The highly pigmented particle of the palette allows you to sculpt the perfect face for your evening. The darker shades help define the face, whereas the lighter shades on the contour palette perfectly highlight your features naturally. A perfect complement to your other makeup products, the Character Pro Contour Powder Palette is your go-to product for a no-filter makeup look.

How to Choose the Right Contour Palette

 Skin Undertone

Your skin tone is always the first to consider when choosing makeup products. The same goes for the contour palette. Understand your skin undertone and know whether it is warm, cool, or neutral. Depending on the undertone, select from the shades under light, medium, and dark shades of contouring.

Foundation Shade

A simple way to choose the right contour palette shade is to buy one or two shades darker than your foundation shade. The tone of the contour should match the foundation but needs to be darker. This will allow you to create perfect illusions and shadows to accentuate your facial features.


Formulation is everything when choosing the perfect contour palette for your face. Understanding whether you need a powder, liquid, or cream-based formulation helps with a flawless finish. A contour powder palette works best for effortless blending, especially for beginners.

How to Use Contour Powder Palette

Step 1: Start by applying primer and foundation to create a smooth base.

Step 2: If needed, you can use the setting spray at this stage for longer-lasting makeup.

Step 3: Start contouring using the contour powder palette and blend.

Step 4: Finish with blush and highlighter for a complete look.


  • Contour your forehead, cheekbone, jawline, and nose for a perfect chiseled look. 
  • Remember to define your hairline using the contour palette.
  • Always blend from the center of the face towards the hairline to create a perfect illusion. 
  • Use a beauty sponge to blend the contour for a better finish.

Our Contour Palettes are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan

A contour palette of low quality contains cheap ingredients and chemicals that can interfere with your skin. It can lead to skin discoloration, freckles, patches, uneven skin, and many other skin problems. Your skin is susceptible, and what you apply to it should be taken care of. Character Cosmetics brings you the perfect blend of formulation and ethical practice of manufacturing the contour palette. It contains vegan ingredients that go through a safe testing process without harming any animals, making us a cruelty-free brand. Every formulation to create the contour powder palette gets dermatologically tested to ensure your skin feels the best when covered with makeup.

Why Buy Contour Palette from Character Cosmetics

Who doesn’t wish to have a perfect jawline, a sculpted nose, and an enhanced cheekbone that makes you stand out? Using a contour palette allows you to define your face and carve the exact look you desire for every occasion. With a smooth and blendable formula, the Character Cosmetics Contour Powder Palette allows you to accentuate your makeup skills and get a professional look instantly. Combined with our range of lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, blush, etc., you are all set to make your mark with your glam look. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

 1. Do I Need to Contour Every Time I Wear Makeup?

Your everyday makeup might not require you to have a defined and contoured look. While it might not be necessary to contour whenever wearing makeup, it’s a personal choice. Depending on the face cut and occasion, you can decide whether to create a facial illusion using a contour palette for a flawless look that matches your outfit.

2. Where Should I Apply Contour for a Natural Look?

For a natural look, notice your face and see the intensity and depth of your face. Accordingly, use the contour palette to enhance the look subtly. Most common areas where a dark shade of contouring is needed include the corners of your face, i.e., the jawline, forehead, and curves of your face. Use the lighter shade from the contour palette at the high points of your face or above the darker shade for perfect illusion.

 3. What's The Difference Between Contour and Bronzer?

Contour helps you define and enhance your features by sculpting the face. You can create illusions and looks using the contour powder palette, whereas bronzer helps add a shade of warmth and gives you the perfect suntan look for different occasions.

 4. Should I Contour My Neck and Décolletage, Or Just My Face?

Yes, it would be best to go down from face to neck and decolletage when contouring or using any other makeup product. Your neck and decolletage should match your facial skin, and applying makeup in the same order as your face helps achieve the perfect glam makeup look. Contouring using the contour powder palette will give you an elongated neck look and defined decolletage that enhances your outfit and style.

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