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Saying makeup setting spray is a must is not a flex. The ultimate go-to product every makeup lover would want is a smudge-proof setting makeup spray that gives you a whole day of a flawless look. While you worry about your makeup spreading due to weather or sweat, makeup setting spray keeps your makeup intact all day. One or two spritz of the best setting spray towards the end of your makeup routine gives a smooth and finished makeup look.

The water-based formula of makeup setting spray gives you a healthy and hydrated look. Ensuring the quality of the spray becomes vital so that it does not mess with your makeup base. Choosing the finest product with a refined formula makes your makeup resistant to water and humid conditions. Character Cosmetics makeup setting spray gives you a crease-free and smudge-free look that can last all day without touch-ups.

Best Setting Spray for Every Skin Type   

Character Super Stay Makeup Setting Spray

So many layers of makeup can feel heavy, and adding makeup spray shouldn’t be one. Character Super Stay Makeup Setting Spray is the perfect solution for a lightweight makeup fixer. The makeup fixer setting spray creates an invisible layer on your face, which seals the makeup. The water-based formula makes you rock the day with a smudge-free, stunning makeup look.

Why Use Makeup Fixer Setting Spray

Using a setting spray offers a refreshed look and allows a smooth finish glow that you can rock on every occasion. The water-based formula offers a range of finishes for every occasion. Whether you want a matte look, luminous glow, waterproof makeup, or a dewy finish, a few sprays of makeup fixer are the perfect solution. With different benefits, having a makeup fixer setting spray becomes a must.

Locks Your Makeup

When you spray makeup fixer on your face after the makeup, the water particles evaporate, leaving a thin film on your skin. This invisible film coating locks the makeup and keeps it on your face longer. This even provides a smudge-free look and waterproofs your makeup to some extent.

Provides Hydration

The water-based formula of the setting makeup spray hydrates your skin. It won't leave your face looking dry but rather make it dewy and fresh all day long.

Say Bye to Touch-Ups

When your skin is hydrated and makeup is locked using a makeup fixer for the whole day, it will not require you to carry your makeup kit everywhere. Just set your makeup on and say bye to frequent touch-ups.

How to Use Makeup Setting Spray

Step 1: Start moisturizing your skin and applying face primer to prep your skin.

Step 2: If going for full makeup, apply foundation, concealer, and corrector to create a smooth base.

Step 3: Apply blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, mascara, and other makeup according to your look.

Step 4: Now, fix your makeup using the makeup setting spray.

Step 5: End your makeup with a pop of color on your lips using a lipstick palette.


  • Shake the setting spray before application
  • Always hold the setting spray 6-8 inches away from your face for better coverage. 
  • Keep your eyes closed and spray in an X or T-shape pattern.
  • Allow the spray to dry naturally.
  • You can apply makeup setting spray even after the foundation for longer-lasting makeup.

Our Setting Makeup Spray are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan

Many setting sprays in the market contain alcohol and chemicals that can cause skin irritation, burns, and breakouts. Poor quality might not even allow you to reap the benefits of makeup setting spray completely. The vegan manufacturing process of setting spray ensures that the formulation contains the finest ingredients and doesn’t harm animals while testing for application results. Character Cosmetics follows ethical practices and ensures that it caters to prime quality, considering the skin concerns of different individuals. The makeup fixer setting spray comes with a complete dermatologically assured formulation that is 100% safe for application on your beautiful skin.

Why Buy Makeup Setting Spray from Character Cosmetics

Every makeup lover's best friend, makeup setting spray allows you to flaunt the professional makeup look every day. It even creates a barrier between your skin and the outer environment, protecting your makeup and skin from damage. To buy the best makeup setting spray that contains quality along with sustainability, choose Character Cosmetics. Being the fastest-selling makeup brand, we offer lightweight and ethically manufactured makeup products, including setting spray, lipsticks, blush, etc. Shop Character Cosmetics’ extensive makeup range online and glam up to rock your way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do You Really Need Setting Spray for Makeup?

A makeup setting spray is handy to glam up and let your makeup stand out all day. The solvent evaporates, leaving an invisible film on your face that prevents smudging, creasing, and fading of makeup. Going without a setting spray might last, depending on the weather, body heat, and quality of products.

 2. Is Setting Spray and Makeup Fixer the Same?

Setting spray and makeup fixer are two different products with similar results. While fixing spray allows your makeup to stay longer, setting spray offers a dewy, fresh, and natural look to your makeup.

 3. Can I Use Makeup Setting Spray Every day?

If you want to have a makeup look that lasts all day or are going to be in a place with humidity or hot temperatures, then it is recommended to use makeup setting spray. It is better to avoid setting spray if you are going to change your look or want makeup for a few hours.

 4. How Long Does the Setting Spray Last?

A setting makeup spray gives you a glamorous look for up to 16 hours. The setting spray will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. It will protect your makeup from smudging and greasing in different conditions all day long.

5. Can I Use a Setting Spray on Sensitive or Acne-prone Skin?

Many setting sprays in the market contain alcohol content and harmful irritants that can cause skin problems like rash, acne, and skin sensitivity. If you already have sensitive and acne-prone skin, using quality products with vegan ingredients will help keep your skin safe while allowing the makeup to last long.


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