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Eye mascara brings the perfect length, volume, and darkness to your beautiful lashes. If you love drama and want to glam up every outfit, adding the best mascara to your makeup arsenal can work wonders. Your eyelashes covered in a smooth and lightweight mascara add to the defined look and bright eyes, which instantly take the eyes of everyone.

While you use the volume mascara to make them noticeable, playing with colorful kajal makes them look stunning and gorgeous. Whether using cream or liquid eye mascara, combined with perfect eye makeup and bold liquid eyeliner, is just the perfect style you need to allure everyone’s attention. Character Cosmetics' mascara range ensures you add rich pigments to your lashes, making them appear the best.

Eye Mascara for Every Skin Type

Character Lash Booster Mascara

As the name goes, the perfect lash mascara boosts the natural shape of your eyelashes. It defines the curls and fills them with the perfect volume, which makes your eyes stunning and ready for every day. It has a formula that is lightweight and gives a non-clumpy solution for long lashes that last all day long.

Character Extra Volume Mascara

Occasions demand some extra drama and a bold look to combine with perfect eye makeup. Using the Character Extra Volume Mascara is your solution for the extravagant look instantly with just one coat. The non-clumpy formula enriched with rich oils makes your clash curls look voluminous the whole day. The jet-black color and ophthalmologically tested feature are the perfect add-on advantage of the eye mascara.

How to Choose the Right Lash Mascara

Color of Eye Mascara

While black is the most common color of eye mascara and a must-have, you are free to play with colors when it comes to makeup. When you buy mascara online, check for color options available and ensure the color pigments are safe to use and tested for human use.


A smooth, clump-free formulation is considered the best mascara to have. Look for your purpose and skin condition. Different formulations offer defined, curled, volumizing, and strengthening formulas, which you can opt from. Some eye mascaras are waterproof so that they do not mess in humid weather.

Mascara Wand

The wand your eye mascara comes with makes a huge difference in how your eyelashes appear after application. Some brushes can have fine and short or thick and round bristles. You can have a straight or curved wand as per the look you desire.

How to Use Eye Mascara

Step 1: Always start with clean eyelashes. Use a cotton pad to clean your lashes.

Step 2: Use a clean wand to comb your lashes.

Step 3: Take the volume mascara and apply IT from the base of your lash towards the tips.

Step 4: Use the wand back and forth for a clump-free look.

Step 5: Repeat a coat if needed. Do not overdo or else your lashes will look heavy and fake.

Step 6: End with eyeliner and eye pencil for a finished look.


  • Use the eyeshadow palette and do your eye makeup before applying mascara.
  • Apply eye mascara on both upper and lower lashes.
  • Allow the mascara to dry before finishing your makeup with setting spray.

Our Eye Mascara are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

Your lashes are very delicate and closest to your eyes, and ensures your eyes are safe and protected. Applying any makeup product on your lashes should contain safe components to keep them healthy and fuller. Character Cosmetics eye mascara is completely vegan and contains the finest ingredients suitable for most skin types. It adds volume to your lashes while maintaining the lash quality. The rich oils and minerals add to the softness of your lashes, ensuring they do not hurt your eyes. The formulation goes through a dermatology and ophthalmology test, which is completely cruelty-free, making us an ethical brand to buy mascara online.

Why Buy Mascara Online from Character Cosmetics 

Your eyes are the showstopper when it comes to makeup. Whether going for a date night or a regular day at work, never compromise your appearance. Character Cosmetics offers you solutions for both daily and occasional use of eye mascara that instantly adds emotion and fun to your entire makeup look. Combined with the extensive range of eye makeup products like eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc., you are all set to rock every occasion, day or night. With trusted products and uncompromised quality, we assure you of being your finest cosmetics brand for daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Wear Mascara Every Day?

Yes, you can wear eye mascara every day. Choose a mascara formulation that offers rich oils and minerals that can keep your lashes healthy. Make sure to remove your eye mascara and other makeup before going to bed. Do not go for chemically processed mascara, as it can cause lashes to fall and even irritate your eyes on regular use. 

2. How Do You Remove Mascara Naturally?

Coconut oil is the best solution to remove your lash mascara or any other makeup product from your face naturally. The oil is known for its multiple health benefits and works wonderfully as a natural makeup remover. Just dab some oil on a cotton pad and slowly clean your lashes. Do not rub much, or you can irritate the sensitive eyes and skin.

3. What Is the Difference Between Volumizing Mascara and Lengthening Mascara?

As the name goes, a volume mascara adds volume to your thin eyelashes, whereas length-adding mascara works beautifully for people with short eyelashes. The formulation of the eye mascara is different, making them unique products. The wand is also different to give you the best results.

 4. How Long Does Mascara Last?

Eye mascara formulation makes it stick to your lashes and can go all day long. A poor-quality mascara will clump, smudge, and melt in a few hours. For long wear, choosing a good quality and the right formulation is the key. Vegan lash mascara is considered safe and gives you the best results.


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