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Eyebrow palette plays a key role when it comes to makeup. Often neglected, your eyebrows define the shape of your eyes, and sculpting them using the right shade can make all the difference. Using a palette with different shades allows you to create a very natural look. Combining it with the eyebrow pen gives a more defined and fuller look.

We all have different densities and quality of eyebrows, and what’s better than having one palette with different shades? It lets you find the perfect match for your eyebrow to create the most natural look. Character Cosmetics offers a combination of shades ranging from black, brown, and gray, along with an eyebrow pen for the micro-blade effect.

Eyebrow Palette for Every Skin Type    

Character Brow Palette

Your look is incomplete with an eyebrow that’s fuller and has perfect shape. Character Brow Palette has multiple shade options, allowing you to create the most natural-looking and defined eyebrow. It has a buildable formula that helps fill the eyebrow like a professional makeup artist. The best part is that the eyebrow palette has a mirror, making it easy to use anywhere and everywhere.

Character Style Eyebrow 4 Tip

Eyebrow tip, commonly known as an eyebrow pen, is a simple and professional makeup product to achieve perfect eyebrows every time. It has a triple-felt tip, which helps precisely define your eyebrows, making it look natural. It harnesses a micro-blade appearance by providing sharp arches to your eyebrows. Character Style Eyebrow 4 Tip is a lightweight and highly pigmented pen with a water-based formula. It is buildable, easy to remove, and lasts 24 hours straight.

 How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Palette

 Brow Density

Your brow density helps you decide the type of eyebrow product to use. If you have a thick density, an eyebrow palette might work well for you. For those having sparse eyebrows, an eyebrow tip is the ultimate solution. Using the wrong product can make your eyebrows look dark and patchy.

Hair Type

Even eyebrow hair has a type. Whether you have oily or dry eyebrows, it helps you choose the best eyebrow kit for creating defined brows. Using a powder palette can cause more dryness for already dry eyebrows, and a gel-based eyebrow pen can cause an oily appearance for those having oily brows. Choosing wisely is vital for a glamorous look.

Level of Expertise

Shading and creating fuller eyebrows using the brow palette is a skill. If you are new to makeup, it is better to go for an eyebrow pen as it is easy to use and gives your perfect eyebrow instantly. Go for both a pen and eyebrow palette if you are a pro.

How to Define Your Eyebrow 

Step 1: Use a brush if using a brow palette and pick some product.

Step 2: Start to structure your brows from the inner corners and go towards the tip.

Step 3: Pick a lighter shade from the one used and blend it towards the tip to create natural looking eyebrows.

Step 4: Use an eyebrow pen to create natural hair-like strokes for the perfect micro-blade appearance.

Step 5: End by applying face highlighter on the lower side of your eyebrow tips.


  • Always do the eyebrow after prepping your face with primer, face foundation, and concealer.
  • You can use an eyebrow palette as an eyeshadow for an instant makeup look.
  • Choose the shade closest to your eyebrow hair.
  • For instant makeup, you can directly choose step 4.

Our Eyebrow Palettes are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

The eyebrow hair is delicate and requires equal care and pampering. It adds to the way you communicate through your expressions, and having a perfectly mapped eyebrow is what you need. Using an eyebrow palette to shape your brows is the premier solution, but the product you use is even more important. A poor-quality eyebrow pen or palette can weaken the brow hair and even cause a rash around the skin. Character Cosmetics brings a complete vegan solution to your concerns. We use the finest ingredients that are suitable for all types of skin and are easy to blend, making the brow palette foolproof. Being dermatologically tested and cruelty-free, choosing Character Cosmetics eyebrow palette is surely the sustainable solution to glam up.

Why Buy an Eyebrow Palette from Character Cosmetics 

Often neglected, thanks to influencers and professional artists who highlighted the simplest way to uplift our makeup look through our eyebrows. Using an eyebrow palette and pen together can create a dramatic appearance and allow your makeup to do the talking. While everyone has different shades and sometimes requires more than one shade for a perfect look, having different products can be heavy on the pocket. Character Cosmetics brings one brow palette with different shades. Combining our palette with eyebrow tip will smoothly harness the edges with perfect hair-like strokes for a natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can I Use a Brow Palette as Eyeshadow?

Yes, you can use a brow palette as an eyeshadow. The palette offers shades of black, brown, and gray, which you can use to create smokey eyes. Use an eyeshadow brush, pick the shades, and start to blend to make your eyes look vibrant.

2. Is It Best to Fill in Your Brows with a Pencil or With Powder? 

It is best to use both powder and eyebrow pen/pencil to define micro-blade effect eyebrows. Start with shading your eyebrow using the powder eyebrow palette. Then, use an eyebrow pen to add strokes and get a natural and fuller eyebrow.

3. How to Draw Natural-looking Eyebrows?

Take an angled eyebrow brush and define the shape with the shade matching your eyebrows. Then, using a bluff brush, pick some product from the brow palette and start from the inner corners, going towards the tips. Ensure to use a lighter shade towards the tip. If needed, you can use an eyebrow pen to create strokes if you have light and fine hair.

4. Can I Apply The 4-tip Eyebrow Pen on Top of Other Brow Products, Like Brow Gel or Powder?

You can use the 4-tip eyebrow pen after applying the powder base, but not over brow gel. The eyebrow pen has a wet base, which might not work well on a gel base. Using it with eyebrow powder helps create sharp strokes that appear natural and stay for longer hours.


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