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Eyeshadow palette works as a magical product that makes all women go gaga. While every makeup enthusiast would agree that a simple splash of colors on your eyes can uplift your entire look, having the right colors in your palette can work wonders. It’s an art to blend colors, and using a color eyeshadow palette with vibrant pigments adds character to your attire.

Choosing the palette with the right formulation and texture can allow you to get a professional look instantly. Character Cosmetics brings you the best eyeshadow palette that offers solutions for every skin type. Sparkling colors that stay all day long are too good to be true. It’s time to embrace your style and go bold with the Character Cosmetics color eyeshadow palette.

Eyeshadow Palette for Every Skin Type

 Character 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Popping eyelids is a game-changer for every festive look. Whether you want to go all matte or add a touch of shimmer to your face, using the Character 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette is your ultimate go-to product for all looks. The saturated mix of two finishes with a cream base and silky finish allows easy layering and blending, giving you the most beautiful eyes that last all day. The formulation contains Mica, giving a smooth finish.

Character – Majestic Eyeshadow Palette

What's more majestic than having an eyeshadow palette with 40 shades, allowing you to play with colors and create astonishing looks? A combination of vibrant and shimmer colors, formulated with a super creamy base, gives a velvet finish to your eyes. The texture allows easy blending that sticks to your eyelids for an all-day look.

Character – Glam Look Eyeshadow Palette

When confused about your undertone, going for the Character Glam Look Eyeshadow Palette offers a great solution. The compact 16-pan palette contains matte, satin, shimmer, and metallic finishes to glam up instantly. The smooth finish and deep pigments glide easily and blend like magic for the ultimate dolled-up look.

Character Pro Eyeshadow Palette

To get the artistic side out of you, using the Character Pro Eyeshadow Palette offers you the best shades to rock any time of the day. It allows you to switch between your day and night looks with a versatile choice of colors. Being the ultimate touch-up product, it is compact and comes with a mirror, making it perfect for all makeup fanatics.

How to Choose the Right Color Eyeshadow Palette

Your Eye Color

When choosing the right eyeshadow palette, what will better complement your eye color? The eye color can give inspiration to choose the right shade and play along to create more majestic eyes.  

Complement Your Skin Tone

The next, after your eyes, comes your skin tone. The shade of your skin and the three undertones – cool, warm, and neutral are crucial to help understand which color will get highlighted more on your skin.

Match Your Makeup Habits 

Not everyone is a pro, but your eyeshadow palette can be. Know the type of makeup you want to follow and match your palette accordingly. An eyeshadow makeup kit allows you to create matte, shimmer, smokey, and various other looks instantly. 

Consider Color Wheel 

Playing with colors is a skill. Knowing the basic knowledge of the color wheel and making sure you have the same colors in your palette can make a lot of difference. A combination of cool, warm, and neutral color tones works best when buying an eyeshadow palette.

How to Use Eyeshadow Palette 

Step 1: Start with cleaning your face and do your base makeup using face primer and liquid foundation

Step 2: Apply hd concealer on your eyelids and color corrector under your eyes if needed.

Step 3: Start applying a neutral base shade.

Step 4: Choose the look you want and start creating unique designs.

Step 5: Apply eyeshadow on your lower eye line.

Step 6: End your eye makeup by setting it using loose powder and then applying volume mascara and eyeliner.


  • You can apply foundation after eye makeup to prevent fallout or to avoid messing with your base.
  • Do not forget to apply an eyeshadow on your lower eye-line.

Our Eyeshadow Palettes are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

Eyes are very sensitive, and a poor-quality eyeshadow palette can interfere with your vision. Choosing a palette wisely and paying keen attention to the ingredients used becomes crucial. Character Cosmetics understands health concerns and believes your makeup shouldn’t be an obstruction in creating unique looks for yourself. We bring you the pro eyeshadow palette formulated with a complete vegan base and tested dermatologically to ensure safety. Each product goes through a test with ethical means without harming animals, making you choose a guilt-free makeup brand.

Why Buy an Eyeshadow Makeup Kit from Character Cosmetics

Whether you are an aficionado or an amateur makeup artist, makeup shouldn’t be a task with the right product. Eye makeup is usually the most important part of your routine, and using an eyeshadow palette that is smooth and vibrant is all you need to start with. Character Cosmetics’ ultimate color eyeshadow palette is your go-to solution when confused about which shade to buy for the best results. With the finest formulation and uncompromised quality, Character Cosmetics is your one-stop solution to glam up with the best makeup products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Should I Prep My Eyelids Before Applying Eyeshadow?

Before applying eyeshadow or any other makeup product, clean your face and moisturize your skin well. First, apply eye primer before using an eyeshadow palette to create a smooth and crease-free base for long-lasting results and better pigment.

2. What Brushes or Applicators Should I Use with an Eyeshadow Makeup Kit?

When using the eyeshadow makeup kit, use the correct brushes for doing eye makeup. Use a pencil brush, eyeshadow brush, blending small brush, and liner brush to create a perfect eye makeup look. Use a mascara wand to finish and accentuate your eyelashes.

3. How Can I Create a Basic Eyeshadow Look?

To create a basic eyeshadow look, start with a primer and apply concealer for a smooth base. Apply a neutral and light color shade to create a base tone. Then, pick a pigment from the color eyeshadow palette and coat your lids. You can shade for a gradient look or do multiple coats as needed. Complete the look with eyeliner and mascara.

4. How Do I Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout?

A few simple steps while doing makeup can help prevent eyeshadow fallout easily. Always moisturize well to make sure your eyelids are not dry. Choose an eyeshadow palette with a cream base that sticks well on your eyelids without chipping or falling. Set your eyeshadow using loose powder for a long-lasting stay.



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