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Color corrector palette is what you need to neutralize imperfections and skin tone to achieve flawless-looking makeup. Every time you get ready for an occasion and wear a gorgeous dress, what adds to the look is makeup that is spotless and makes your skin look bright and luminating. Using a color corrector palette with a cream base is just a perfect addition to your makeup routine.

Our skin faces regular wear and tear due to our diet and weather conditions. To have pristine skin every day is not possible, but having a perfect makeup look is, with the ultimate color correcting technique. With various shades of the color corrector palette, you can effortlessly blur out imperfections, including dark circles, acne scars, skin pigmentations, puffiness, wrinkles, and any signs of aging. Character Cosmetics’ best corrector palette is the solution to camouflage your skin for a faultless evening.

Color Corrector Palette for Every Skin Type    

Character Face Define Color Corrector Palette

Different face marks or scars require different corrector shades to help perfectly hide them for a smooth base. What's better than having a color corrector palette that offers different shades for the price of one? Character Face Define Palette offers 15 shades, including concealer and corrector, for the instant makeup solution. The formula contains a cream base, making it seamless to blend and define your face flawlessly.

How to Choose the Right Corrector Shade

Green Corrector

Green falls opposite to red in the color wheel; hence, the green corrector neutralizes the redness of the face. Any skin breakouts or visible skin redness due to rash, sunburn, or other skin conditions can cause redness. Using a green shade from the color corrector palette along with concealer will help tone down the flaws and give an even skin tone. 

Orange Corrector

Orange falls opposite the blue in the color wheel. Correcting all blue hues, dark circles, dark spots, etc., is possible using an orange corrector. It smoothly blends on the face, neutralizing the patches on the skin. It works best for medium to dark shades of skin.

Yellow Corrector

Yellow is placed just in front of purple in the color wheel. Purple shade in color correct palette helps cover any purple hues on your skin, including bruises and skin tan. It works great on brownish under the eye and mild redness of the face.

Purple Corrector

Fixing all yellow undertones and paleness of the face is possible using a purple corrector. It instantly works by brightening your dull and pale skin and making your skin naturally shine and appear healthy.

Concealer as Color Corrector

The skin tone of the concealer also works as a color corrector. For light marks and patches, a concealer might do the work. For light marks and patches, you can use pink, red, peach, or other shades from the concealer and color corrector palette to give you a blemish-free look.

How to Use Color Corrector Palette

Step 1: Layer your face using a moisturizer, face primer, and foundation of your shade.

Step 2: Use a color corrector palette and spot-treat your face using different shades according to the need. Make sure to dab and blend the corrector.

Step 3: Cover the corrector using a concealer that blends easily with your skin shade.

Step 4: Follow the rest of your makeup according to your routine and occasion.

Our Color Corrector Palettes are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

No one has a spick and span skin naturally. It requires effort to maintain healthy skin. Using a good quality color corrector is always a step towards pampering your skin with only good things. Corrector is to cover your flaws and not the reason for one causing flaws. Character Cosmetics' color corrector palette is your perfect go-to product when investing in an ethical brand selling top-notch quality. Vegan formulation makes our color corrector palette suitable for different skin types without causing any skin irritation or rashes. It contains the finest ingredients, each approved by a dermatologist for smooth application on your skin. Before manufacturing the color corrector palette, the formulation goes through a completely cruelty-free testing process, making you choose a guilt-free solution to glam up your way.

Why Buy Color Corrector Palette from Character Cosmetics 

A day without blemishes and marks on your skin makes you flaunt your skin and dress the best. Getting such skin every day is possible using the best color correcting palette. The different shades in one palette allow you to cover all the flaws with just a single product. Character Cosmetics color corrector palette comes with different shades and works best for correcting and concealing your face for a smooth base. The color corrector palette price you can’t miss is now available on the Character Cosmetics online store to match all skin tones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can I Use a Color Corrector to Reduce the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags or Puffiness?

You can use the color corrector palette to eliminate under-eye bags and puffiness. Apply the corrector depending on your skin tone and dab to blend the corrector. Layer it with concealer to create a matching tone for your skin. The palette contains different shades that work best for Indian skin tones.

2. Can I Mix Different Colors in the Corrector Palette to Create a Custom Shade?

While there is almost no need to mix two different corrector colors, you can still do it if needed. Both the correctors should have the same base for a better finish. Character Cosmetic color corrector palette has 15 color shades that offer the perfect solution for all your blemishes and marks instantly.

3. Can I Use a Color Corrector to Hide Tattoos or Birthmarks Temporarily?

Yes, you can cover birthmarks and tattoos temporarily using the color corrector palette. The palette contains different shades that will help you hide them using layers of makeup. Orange corrector works for most tattoos and birthmarks. Remember to use primer, foundation, concealer, and a corrector for a perfect finish.

4. How Do I Choose the Right Color Corrector Shade If I Have a Mix of Skin Concerns?

Skin concerns are never permanent. You might have flawless skin and wake up suddenly with a pimple or get a breakout due to the weather. Choosing the perfect shade of the corrector for different seasons and skin problems is now relatively easy. The best color correcting palette offers different shades in one, covering all your concerns without any trouble. No need to invest in buying different shades; only one palette is enough.


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