12 Different Ways to Use a Concealer

Published on: Dec 19, 2023

Everyone has that one makeup product in their bag that they always carry wherever they go. Face concealer is one such magical product that hides away all the imperfections instantly with its simple application. Being used for ages, the concealer palette offers different shades that seamlessly blend on your face, covering different facial blemishes and patches. While experimenting with different shades to find the perfect one, we must remember how each concealer shade works for different skin problems. Whether it is a dark circle, pigmentation, acne, redness, or any other marks, a concealer gives you a spotless finish with its correct application. While many consider it a simple spot-covering makeup product, you can use a concealer palette in many other ways. Here is a list of 12 different uses of concealer that will transform your makeup game.

12 Different Uses of Concealer Palette

1. Switch It with Foundation 

While you might consider using a face concealer as a foundation, it will make your face look patchy, but it's not true. Correctly using concealer can allow you to switch it with foundation when needed. Learning the trick is all that matters. Always start by using cream or liquid concealer to cover up the flaws and blend it well. This will guide you to choose a base shade for your overall face. Now, use a small amount of the concealer and start blending it from the center of your face. The trick is to control the quantity for a smooth finish.

2. Eyeshadow Base

A simple way to make your eyeshadow look more vibrant and rich in color is by using the best eye concealer. While it helps with spot coverage, using it to prime your lids is a great idea. It will help define the eye creases and smooth the shade to match your skin tone. Follow your regular eye makeup after applying the concealer to get bold colors. Avoid too much concealer to keep it natural if you are not using eyeshadow.

3. Define Eyebrows

While you use an eyebrow palette and pencil to fill the eyebrows, defining it using the concealer helps get sharp edges. A clean eyebrow can add structure to your face and is easy to achieve following simple steps. Always start by filling the eyebrow and give a microblading effect using an eyebrow pen. Now, using a flat brush, pick a lighter shade from the concealer palette and tightly mark underneath your eyebrows to define the shape.

4. Make Lips Look Plump

Making your lips look fuller and plump is something every woman dreams of having. A simple trick using the waterproof concealer is all you need to get pouty lips ready for every picture. First, prime your lips and then use concealer to define the shape. Once done, apply some concealer on the center of the upper and lower lip. Using a beauty blender, blend the concealer to get a fuller appearance. Now follow your lipstick routine – lip line, lipstick, blot.

5. Get Rid of Undereye Bag

Under Eye bags can make you look droopy and create a dull look. The best HD concealer can fix the undereye bags by imitating an eye lift effect. Applying concealer in an upward direction and on both the inner and outer corners will help create an elevated look. Ensure that you blend it nicely for a smooth finish.

6. Cover Dark Circle

Dark circles can make your eyes look dull and hollow. It will make your entire makeup look dull if not treated using the correct technique and makeup products. Pick a color from the concealer palette and cover the dark circle according to your skin color. Blend and again apply a skin tone concealer to match the face skin. This will cover the dark circles, making your eyes look fresh and glowing. Use correct shades based on your skin tone for even skin.

7. Hide Blemishes and Skin Redness

Blemishes, pigmentation, spots, acne, skin redness, etc., are a few common skin problems a growing teenage girl faces. There is no need to get uncomfortable with the marks. While you can embrace them, makeup as a tool has a quick fix using waterproof concealer. The different shades in the concealer palette allow it to seamlessly cover all blemishes and redness while giving you a smooth and natural look.

8. Highlight Your Features

While we all think that concealer can only hide imperfections, the least we know is that it can help you accentuate your features and make them the highlight of your face. Strategically applying concealer as a contour and blending it evenly will give you an uplifted appearance. Playing with shades in the concealer palette is the key to highlighting the features. Use darker shades from the palette to contour and lighter shades to highlight the face.

9. Cover Makeup Flaws

Mistakes are bound to happen, and with makeup, messing up requires you to fix the flaw smartly. Concealer comes to the rescue when you have done your makeup and want to cover up the mistake. The HD concealer works as a quick-fix magic product. Wipe the flaw with a wet tissue. Spot-treat it with concealer and match it with your skin shade. If you can't wipe, play with shades and layers of concealer to fix the makeup.

10. Amplify Foundation Coverage

Face concealer can help you convert your light coverage foundation into full coverage with minimal application. Start with spot-treating your face to cover any imperfections like acne, blemishes, pigmentation, etc. Now blend using a damp sponge to ensure you have an even finish. Now that your face has a base using concealer, applying a small amount of foundation will work to cover the entire face. The concealer amplifies the foundation coverage, giving you a clear canvas.

11. Use As a Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted, tanned, and sun-kissed face is the latest trend, which is quite easy to achieve. Getting glowing and illuminating skin is every woman’s dream. You can use your cream or liquid concealer and mix it with a hydrating moisturizer. Apply all over your face and blend. This will give you a tinted and tanned look to go gaga over.

12. Cover Marks on Body

Who said face concealer is limited to your face? Similar to the face, the concealer can also work wonders on your body. You can use it to cover the blemishes on your body that might be visible. Also, you can use it to accentuate parts of the body you want to highlight. Using it to give tinted skin all over is also a simple trick with concealer.

Considering the concealer price and quality is something we all have in mind. Knowing the multiple uses and benefits of the magical product, investing in the finest formulation concealer should always be the priority. Character Cosmetics brings you the uncompromised quality of face concealer palette with shades for every skin. Our range of makeup products is curated using vegan ingredients and cruelty-free techniques, making the products safe for all skin types. Being dermatologically tested, you can be rest assured while buying concealer and other cosmetic products from Character Cosmetics that will make you glam-ready with a professional finish.  

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