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Blush palette fills the missing pink glow and instantly gives you the perfect baby-soft skin. To get a fuller cheekbone with a healthy blood rush look, a blush and highlighter palette gives you the desired look that lasts all day long. A quick swap from dull and tired skin to healthy and fresh-looking skin is a touch of liquid cheek tint that you must carry in your makeup vanity.

While shades of blush matter, the best blush palette is characterized by its silky-smooth texture and ability to blend on your skin easily. Whether using it directly after primer or including it in your complete makeup routine with foundation and concealer, a good quality blush palette hugs your cheeks with a velvet touch. Character Cosmetics brings you a variety of blusher palettes and liquid blush that you can use to define your cheekbone for a sun-kissed look.

Blush Palette for Every Skin Type  

Majestic Blush Palette

A perfect amalgamation of 12 shimmery and matte shades, the Majestic Blush Palette is the go-to product to rock any makeup look. It works for every occasion and can help create unique shades using a combination of shades. The best part is that it has merged highlighter powder in each palette for a quick makeup solution.

Character Rock Star Blush

The blend of high-pigmented particles with a silky-smooth finish gives your cheeks a velvet touch. Available in 4 different shades, the Character Rock Star Blush Palette offers a brilliant, blendable formula that works perfectly for cheeks, eyes, and lips for a healthy tinted look.

Character – 3 Color Blush

The Character – 3 Color Blush palette is the solution when confused about which shade to buy. With 6 variants, you can choose the perfect combination for your skin and create unique makeup looks for different occasions. Buy three shades at the blusher price of one.

Character Cheek Rouge Liquid Blush

Character Cheek Rouge Liquid Blush works best for a minimal look reflecting the inner glow. It gives you a radiant look in just one pump. Combined with powder blush, it can give you a high-impact color to rock your day.

Character Pro Blush and Highlighter Palette

Finding your go-to single makeup product is like a dream. Character Pro Blush and Highlighter Palette offer the ultimate eight-pan palette, which works as blush, contour, and highlighter to define your makeup look.

Character Glow and Blush Palette

Character Glow and Blush Palette is the perfect choice for a blush palette that offers matte and shimmer shades for all your makeup needs. Its silky finish and luminous texture offer an instant makeup solution for an all-over glowing look.

How to Choose the Right Blush for Cheeks

Skin Tone

Your skin tone is the basic criterion when choosing the perfect blush palette for your skin. Warm, cool, and neutral undertones decide the blush shade that will brighten your face. You can check your undertone through golden and silver jewelry or do a simple vein color check to understand the tone.

Outfit and Event

What you wear and where you go are always considered when designing your look. You go for a natural flushed look using a baby pink blush for a subtle event and a shimmery warm blush for a bold and dramatic look.

Time of the Day

Time of the day can be a game changer when it comes to makeup. Natural sunlight can make all the difference. For a day event of rocking a sun-kissed look, you can choose peach and pinkish liquid blush, while for indoor or night events, rocking extravagant makeup with some excess blush will make you stand out.

How to Use Blusher Palette or Liquid Blush

Step 1: Do your base makeup using primer and foundation.

Step 2: Add face concealer and corrector for a smooth finish according to the coverage and look.

Step 3: Dab the blush brush on the blusher palette and apply sparingly on your cheeks, gliding towards your temples.


  • You can use liquid blush before applying foundation for a radiant inner glow.
  • You can apply blush on your chin, nose, and forehead for a flushed look.
  • For a longer stay of pink liquid blush for the face, you can set it with the same shade of powder blush.

 Our Blush Palettes are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan

Whether you buy a blusher palette or liquid blush, it allows you to add a pink and healthy glow to your skin. For a product that will stay on your skin for hours, it is crucial that it doesn’t hamper your skin or cause breakouts. A blush palette containing vegan ingredients ensures they are safe for your skin. Being vegan means there are no skin irritants, or animal-based ingredients exist. Character Cosmetics understands the concerns of your delicate skin. Hence, we offer a blush palette and liquid blush, which go through dermatological tests and are vegan and cruelty-free, giving you a sustainable makeup solution.

 Why Buy Blush Palette from Character Cosmetics

To get a healthy glow every day and every time, using a smooth and silky-based blush palette is what you need. A simple tinted look or a bright, shiny look, combining blush with highlighter, can give you an illuminating look. With the right product and technique, achieving a professional glow can be effortless. Character Cosmetics offers the finest quality blusher palette with a silky-smooth texture that easily glides on your face. 


    Price Range ₹ 699 - ₹ 2,499
   Texture Liquid, Powder
   Finish Matte, Silky, Shimmer, Satin
   Color Range Pinks, Corals, Reds, Tan, Brown
   Skin Type All Skin Types
   Longevity Long-lasting
   Shelf Life 24 to 36 Months


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can I Use the Shades in a Blush Palette as Eyeshadows?

Yes, you can use the shades in a blush palette as eyeshadow. Apply an eye primer and use an eye brush or a finger to apply tinted blush on your eyelids. Mix and match shades to create glamorous eye makeup for any event.

 2. Do You Need a Foundation to Wear Blush?

Powder and liquid blush work well without a foundation. You can use sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer before applying blush on your cheeks, chin, and nose. A foundation base, however, gives a smooth base and makes your blush look vibrant and shiny.

 3. What Is the Difference Between Liquid Blush and Tint?

Liquid cheek blush and tint offer a similar purpose of giving a pink flush to your face. The only difference between the two is the base. Liquid blush is cream, whereas liquid cheek tint is a water-based formula.

4. Should I Blend the Liquid Cheek Tint Immediately After Application, Or Does It Set Quickly?

Liquid cheek tint generally sets quickly and can give a patchy or uneven look if not applied correctly. It is best to quickly blend the tint in a circular motion to provide a nice coverage. You can use a brush or your fingertips to blend liquid cheek tint.

5. Can I Use a Liquid Cheek Tint as a Lip Stain?

Depending on the liquid cheek tint formula, you might use or avoid it for a lip stain. Generally, the cheek tint has a thicker base, which dries quickly. Only with the correct technique and sense of using liquid cheek tint, you can apply it on your lips for a tinted look.

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