10 Tips on How To Choose Your Perfect Foundation Shade

Published on: Jan 8, 2024

Makeup has been every woman’s best friend, and for ages, there have been multiple options for application on the face. From natural pigments to carefully formulated cosmetic products, the makeup industry is growing each day with more and more refined quality. While there are several products like blush, highlighter, eyeshadow palette, etc., that you can buy without giving a thought to color, face foundation is one such product where you need to be careful of the shade you buy. While all products, when applied, accentuate your look and define your features, the lightweight foundation works as the base for a smooth complexion. It is a base that blurs your pores and covers blemishes and imperfections when combined with other cosmetic products. Whether you do regular makeup or only on special occasions, having the right shade of face foundation is the starting point for getting the chiseled look. Beyond complexion, a foundation also helps enhance your natural features and adds a natural glow to your skin. Inappropriate shade often leads to makeup that looks cakey and patchy. Following a few tips can help you select the ideal shade that you can use for all your occasions and grab everyone's attention. Here are 10 tips on how to choose foundation shade.

10 Tips on How to Choose Your Perfect Lightweight Foundation Shade

1. Know Your Skin Type

Every person has a different skin type, classified as dry, oily, combination, and normal. The skin has sebaceous glands underneath the layers, which produce sebum. The sebum from the glands contributes a lot to your skin type. Other factors, such as hydration, age, diet, etc., contribute to your skin type. Going for a matte foundation is always recommended for people with oily skin. Oily skin is generally prone to a lot of sebum, which causes clogged pores. A matte foundation controls oil production, giving better results. A hydrating liquid foundation works well for dry skin, adding moisture. Using the foundation according to skin changes and seasons works best for those with combination skin.

2. Keep in Mind the Intensity of Your Skin Color

The intensity of your skin color has a major role in understanding how to choose foundation shade. Indians generally have brown skin, which can be light, medium, dark, and between shades of light-medium and medium-dark. Lightweight foundations are available in different shades, categorized into numbers that divide the foundation based on the intensity of skin shade. Once you know your skin shade, you can easily identify the foundation shade that will work for you.

3. Learn Your Undertone

When choosing a foundation, knowing your skin's undertone is a must. Skin undertone is the shade under your skin that decides whether you have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Your silky or liquid foundation should complement your undertone. While there are many ways to know your skin undertone, two basic ways are through veins and jewelry tests.

  • Vein Test

A simple way to understand your undertone is to check the color of your veins in natural light. You probably have a warm undertone if your veins have a green or olive hue. Those with blue and purple hues have a cool undertone. The bluish green hue of your veins indicates a neutral undertone.

  • Jewelry Test

Another simple way to know you understand your undertone is to see which color jewelry suits your skin the best. One of either gold or silver always brings shine and flatters your skin. If gold jewelry looks great on you compared to silver, you have a warm undertone, and a cool undertone if silver jewelry suits you more. If both look equally good, you can have a neutral undertone. 

You can even check your undertone based on t-shirt color, skin tan, and many other ways. Based on the undertone, you should go for cool, warm, and neutral shades of the face foundation.

4. Coverage Needed

Whether you need medium or full coverage is a major criterion when you buy foundation online. For those requiring makeup that lasts all day long and do not have time for touch-ups, going for a full coverage foundation is always an ideal option. It helps you achieve the perfect finish with minimal product use. An added benefit of using a foundation with full coverage is that you can also use it for light coverage. Knowing the key to applying is all you need.

5. Do the Patch Test

A patch test, also known as a Swatch test in the makeup industry, will never go wrong when you buy foundation or any other cosmetic products. Now that you know your tone and undertone, pick shades that work best for your skin. Using your finger or an applicator, apply a drop of foundation on your wrist or the jawline. Blend and check which shade is the closest and appears the most natural with face and neck skin color. Always prefer doing a patch test around the jawline to get the most accurate shade.

6. Check Shade in Sunlight 

Do not rely on the store light completely when you do the Swatch test. The store lighting makes your skin shade look different than what it is. Always prefer to check the shade in natural sunlight where you are going to be after doing the entire makeup. The natural sunlight gives you the exact idea of how the shade appears on you.

7. Choose Shade and Texture According to the Season

The skin changes according to weather and seasons. Some might have oily skin during the summers while excessive dry skin during the winters. The same foundation won’t help in either of the weather conditions. Oily and dry skin even changes the intensity of the skin shade to some extent. Having both silky and matte foundation will help cater to your skin's changing needs.

8. Is It Blendable?

When you buy foundation, a vital aspect to consider is the blendability of the foundation. The blendable formula gives you the most natural finish, making it almost unrecognizable from where your foundation starts and ends. Always look for the label for a blendable formula to ensure the foundation gives you a silky-smooth finish.

9. Be Aware of Ingredients and Formulation

When buying liquid foundation or any other type of foundation, having a keen eye on the ingredients used and formulation is the most basic thing to consider. Look for chemical-free products and check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the foundation before making a purchase. The finest formulation offers a waterproof, sweat-proof, lightweight, hydrating, and 24-hour wear face foundation that you can use to glam up your style.

10. Go for Tested Products

Choosing products that are certified and tested is always a better option. It gives added safety when you buy foundation. Look for labels like cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologically tested when looking for a full coverage foundation. This ensures your skin is protected and doesn’t cause any reaction.

When it comes to choosing a foundation, having complete knowledge and awareness is a must. A single product can help you get a flawless, finished makeup look. Character Cosmetics' full coverage foundation in matte and silky finish goes through a series of tests and is certified by professional dermatologists. This ensures it is the perfect choice that is safe for your skin. Available in shades for every skin tone, Character Cosmetics face foundation is all you need to create dazzling looks for all occasions.  

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