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Lip oil, the magical product to get supple and plump lips instantly, is your go-to product for everyday use. While we all look for a long-lasting lipstick palette, we often neglect how a simple lip primer can change the way your lipstick appears. Using the best lip primer coats your lips and locks in the natural hydration, making them silky soft and creating a smooth base.

The oil-based lip primer covers all the uneven texture while healing your dry and chapped lips. It works similarly to a face primer and gives you baby-soft lips. With no side effects, Character Cosmetics lip oil, if applied daily, can nourish your lips and make them ready for your makeup routine. So, next time you focus on your skincare routine, do not forget to add the best lip oil to your cart for the healthiest lips.   

Best Lip Oil for Every Skin Type

Character Lip Oil Elixir

Character Lip Oil Elixir is the most special makeup product ever to have. Infused with 24-carat gold, the primer/oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that add to the nourishment of your lips, making them soft and healthy. The presence of gold promotes a rush of blood flow, allowing your lips to appear plump and get a natural pink color by healing the dry tissues. The formulation has a combination of shea butter, camellia seed oil, gold, and other finest ingredients, making your lips ready for the perfect pout.

How to Choose the Right Lip Oil or Primer

Look for Ingredients

When choosing the best lip primer or oil, it becomes vital to know what ingredients make the product. Looking for a lip oil and primer infused with the finest formulation and rich oils to help give you the most hydrating look? Look at words like shea butter, camellia seed oil, gold, vitamin E, jojoba oil, antioxidants, and other beneficial oils that nourish your lips while allowing your lipstick to stay longer.

Check for Allergens

Essential oils and other ingredients can irritate your skin. Check the packaging to learn about any substance that can make you allergic. Most chemical-based lip primers can cause severe allergies. Always keep your skin a priority and go for vegan lip oil to avoid any harmful reaction due to allergens.

Finish of the Lip Oil

Whatever look you want, you can buy a lip primer or oil based on that. Whether you want a shimmer and glossy look or a complete matte finish, choose your lip oil or primer accordingly.

Lip Primer Base

Comfort is everything. Go for a lip primer that is easy to wear and makes your lips feel soft and plump. Lip primers are available in balm, gel, oil, and cream base. Lip oil is the most hydrating, combining rich oils and minerals, making your lips ready for the picture-perfect pout.

How to Use Lip Oil

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips using a mild scrub.

Step 2: Using the dropper, take a few drops of lip oil and directly apply on your lips.

Step 3: Allow the primer/oil to absorb well for smooth and supple lips.

Step 4: If you have pigmented lips, apply face concealer for a neutral base.

Step 5: Follow your lip makeup using lip liner and lipstick.


  • For extra shine and finish, you can apply lip oil even after lipstick. 
  • Let the oil dry, or else it can smudge your lip color.
  • Using the best lip oil daily will help naturally nourish your lips.

Our Lip Oils are Cruelty-free, Dermatologically Tested & Vegan 

While many of us think of getting treatments to get fuller, plump, and healthy lips, we forget how a simple lip oil can work wonders for our lips. It gives you a plump appearance and hydrates lips for the most natural glow. Considering the benefits, it becomes crucial to use good quality lip oil to ensure the product doesn’t cause allergies or damage to your skin. Character Cosmetics brings solutions to all your worries with their vegan formulation and dermatologically approved lip oil and other makeup products. With rich oils and the finest vegan ingredients, the primer is safe for daily use and gives you the best results. Being a cruelty-free brand, we ensure you invest in the best makeup brand for all your cosmetic needs.

Why Buy Lip Oil from Character Cosmetics 

Who doesn’t like nourished lips that are soft and allow your lipstick to stay all day long? While weather changes can make your lips chap and become dry, regularly applying lip oil can prevent your lips from all damage and still rock the vibrant colors you would love. Character Cosmetics lip oil combined with various lipsticks offers you the best results. The oil-based formula makes your lips look hydrated and locks in the natural moisture. Known for being the fastest-selling makeup brand, we ensure you get access to uncompromised quality lip oil and other makeup products all under one roof.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is It Okay to Apply Lip Oil Every Day?

Yes, you can apply lip oil every day. Using oil and primer on your lips allows a smooth base for your lipstick and makes it stick longer. Lip oil helps blur the cracks and aids any dryness and chapping due to seasonal changes. Regular use can naturally heal your lips and make them supple and soft.

2. Can I Leave Lip Oil Overnight?

Yes, leaving lip oil overnight results in healthier and hydrated lips.  Start by exfoliating your lips and removing any lipstick applied, and coat lips generously with lip oil. Let the oil absorb and do the magic overnight. Apply lip oil every night before bed for the best results.

3. Are There Lip Primers with Sun Protection (SPF)?

Yes, there are lip primers with sun protection (SPF). The SPF protection works best for sensitive lips as it protects them from harmful UV rays. It protects and heals redness, chapped lips, dryness, and other problems with a single coat. While it locks the moisture and protects from sun damage, lip oil and primer with SPF-infused formulations work best for people exposed to long hours of sunlight.

4. Are There Clear Lip Primers Available, Or Do They Always Have a Tint?

Yes, there are clear lip primers that can add just the needed shine to your lips and make them look hydrated. But using a gold-infused lip oil increases the blood rush and boosts your metabolism to add a natural flushed and pink look to your lips. Using the oil daily reaps the best results and makes you pout-ready.


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