Bollywood Makeup: Celebrate Women's Day with Iconic Makeup Looks

Published on: Apr 19, 2024
Women's Day is around the corner, and missing out on the essence of driving your womanhood crazy will be a glum scenario. The power to put on makeup and step out of the comfort zone as a courageous individual takes truckloads of confidence and faith in oneself. 
So, why not celebrate the Day while getting inspired by the queens of Bollywood and their love for bold and chic makeup looks? Be it for brunch with your gals or a sweet solo date; you can rock these daring appeals, turning heads as you move fearlessly. 
We are head over heels for these iconic Bollywood makeup looks and, therefore, have a curated list for you to try this Women's Day 24. 

This Women's Day, Flaunt These Bollywood-Inspired Elegant Makeup Looks

1. Kareena's Nude Makeup Look

Renowned for her acting style and timeless beauty, Bebo has carried every look of hers effortlessly. From red lips to nude makeup, she has conquered it all. Her Instagram shows that this Bollywood Makeup look can be easily achieved using nude shades and coffee brown eyeshadow. To make it more intense, apply Kohl and mascara to enhance the eyes and a brick-red lip colour to finish the look. Tip: contouring should be a must. 
How to Recreate: 
  • Apply any nude shade from your professional eyeshadow palette on the eyelids. Then, apply a brown shade that resembles coffee to the outer corners to highlight your eyes.  
  • Complete the process with Kohl and waterproof mascara. 
  • Finally, touch up with a brick-red lipstick for perfection.  

2. Kiara's Bold Lips Look

Winning a million hearts, this actress has bagged the name of a coveted newcomer by showing off her dazzling smile and presenting a charm like no other. Kiara Alia Advani's unmatched fashion purpose and adoration of pampering her skin with alcohol-free skincare products inspire us daily. 
Her Vogue cover on Instagram took rounds as she was seen carrying a cherry-red lip that is a perfect statement for you to rock this Women's Day and pay tribute to one of the finest bollywood makeup looks. 
How to Recreate: 
  • Start by applying basic face primer, a full coverage foundation and contour powder. 
  • Next, apply eyeliner and the best mascara you own. Please don't overdo it; simplicity is elegance, just as Kiara showcases. 
  • End with a lovely bright red matte liquid lipstick for an alluring burst of chique and flawlessness. 

3. Deepika's Dramatic Smokey Eyes Look

The Mastani of our hearts was seen walking the runway with her hubby Ranveer Singh in this striking winged-smokey eye bollywood makeup look. The rich black shadow was considerably elongated beyond the borders of her almond-shaped eyes, besides the thick kajal smoothly winged and outlined out to make a powerful impact on her fans worldwide. 
How to Recreate: 
  • Knowing that kajal will act as the base, set it with a black eyeshadow that you select from your favourite eyeshadow palette. Consider using an angled eyeliner brush to mix the creamy oils in the Kohl, avoiding bleeding and smudging. 
  • While applying waterproof eye pencil on the upper lids, close your eyes or look down for a minute to allow everything to set. 

4. Sara's Ocean-Blue Eyes Look

Belonging to the Pataudi royal family, Saif Ali Khan's daughter has created a sensational image of herself right after her Bollywood debut, showcasing her bubbly nature through her acting and fab fashion appeal. Sara Ali Khan and her glam prove her love for kohl-lined eyes and glossy lips, backed by flushed cheeks, wherever she goes.
How to Recreate: 
Blue is the primary hue for creating one of these ethereal bollywood makeup looks. Try Character Cosmetic's Majestic Eyeshadow Palette for a youthful radiance on your face that beats all your Monday blues. 
  • Begin with using a primer or pro concealer for the lids. 
  • Sweep a hue that resembles teal from the shimmer eyeshadow palette across the lid. 
  • Lastly, glide the Kohl eye pencil and finish with brownish nude lipstick to complete the trick. 

5. Janhvi's Coloured Eyeliner Look

Thoughts on the firstborn of the first female superstar of Bollywood, Sridevi? We surely can't stop thinking of the 'Hawa Hawaii' actress while looking at Janhvi Kapoor's minimal makeup photos since her mother was always against too many cosmetics on the face. 
Janhvi shares how Sridevi was strict with makeup, making her follow her mother’s path. 
How to Recreate:
For this, you'll need liquid glitter eyeliner to enhance the colours of your eyes. 
  • Start with the makeup primer you own. 
  • Pick the blue glitter liquid eyeliner to make it funky, like retro. 
  • Complete with tinted lip gloss.

6. Ananya's Electric Makeup Look

If you are planning to hit the club rather than opting for a day out with your gal pals, then this electrifying look by Ananya Panday is your thing this Women's Day. Her Instagram shows all the glitter and glam that will help you rock the look as you willfully dance your heart out and enjoy the freedom to celebrate the femme prowess in you. 
How to Recreate: 
  • The actress prefers Rose Water as a toner, so apply it before beginning the process. 
  • As always, prime your eyelids first. 
  • Then, use bluish pop-like glitters over the lids from the shimmer eyeshadow palette. 
  • Finish off with gel eyeliner and any nude lip gloss lipstick.

7. Alia's Barely Any Makeup look

The new mommy in town has amazed us with her versatility in acting and her commendable characters in her chosen films. Our very own 'Gangubai' is popular amongst youngsters for her no-makeup makeup look but with a skincare regime. 
How to Recreate: 
Alia Bhatt and her doll face are all adorbs to our eyes. Follow this process to experience her routine: 
  • Prep for a smooth base for no-flaws application.
  • Gently stroke the face for blush. 
  • Add a face highlighter for an enhanced glow.
  • Complete with your go-to lip balm. 

8. Katrina's Fresh-Faced Look 

It's no secret that this dolled-up queen loves to pamper herself with makeup. Founder of Kay Beauty, Katrina Kaif, has her fair share of papped images flaunting bright eyeshadow and bold lips, thus making it count in one of the top-rated iconic bollywood makeup looks. But, throughout these years in the industry, she has only done the minimal ones as her go-to look. Fluttery lashes and natural lip balm make her versatile persona stand out. 
How to Recreate: 
  • Prep the skin with a nourished hydrating gel, followed by a moisturiser. Apply a mattifying primer later the T-zone to keep the excess shine in control.  
  • For the base, keep the liquid foundation handy for damping it all over the face. 
  • Then, pick the liquid concealer, cover any blemishes, and gently swipe loose powder using a brush to set the makeup in areas that will expect creasing with time. 
  • To tame the unruly brows, comb through them with a brow pen. 
  • Further, blend the colour into the eye socket with a nude eyeshadow. 
  • Curl the lashes using the volumising mascara and paint the lid over the seams of the lashes with the best waterproof eyeliner pencil. 
  • Sweep the cheek highlighter along the hairline, cheekbones and jawline and add colour using a pink blush. 
  • Lastly, moisturise your lips with a tinted lip gloss or balm for a fresh feel. 

9. Nora's Innovative Music Video Look

Nora Fatehi's steamy music video, 'Dirty Little Secret,' was full of makeup moments that raised the bar for bright lips and creative eye looks. Everything was glittering in this appeal of hers that made her beauty grab everyone's attention more than usual. 
How to Recreate: 
  • After priming the face, you must fill your under eyes with golden sparkles with rhinestones. 
  • Sweep bronzing powder for added shimmer on the apple cheeks. 
  • Finish the glamorous stunt by choosing a bold fuchsia lip for a unique statement. 
Wrapping Up 
Our favourite icons have taught us to face the limelight despite all odds in life. As they say, we ladies love to "wing it and bling it!" So, fight back with all your inner worries and face the world to fulfill all your dreams as you try out these bollywood makeup looks for Women's Day. With Character Cosmetics, you can explore any makeup style. So, wait no more and get your hands on our makeup products and special kits to put your best foot forward immediately. 

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