Purpose of Using Concealer during Makeup and Selecting the Right One

Published on: May 26, 2023

Women are the most beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous creatures of mankind. They are blessed with beautiful hair, face, eyebrows, eyes, lips, noses, and lips. However, with the stress levels and increasing pollution levels, beauty is impacted, and many skin problems arise. Due to this, only skin degeneration and fine lines, and spots start appearing on the faces of beauties.

Nowadays, many products in the market help women maintain their beauty by either providing prevention or correction. These products are categorized as Beauty products, and the process of correction and enhancement of the beauty of a person is known as makeup.

These beauty products, if not used correctly in the right, appropriate and sequential manner, can lead to a decrease in beauty also. So, it is always suggested to follow the correct sequence with the right techniques and of appropriate shades. There are many varieties and classes of various makeup products like HD.

Basic makeup needs one to use moisturizer, primer, liquid foundation, HD concealerfoundation powder, Bronzer, Blush, & Highlighter. Good makeup makes a person look more beautiful, making them feel more confident and strong about themselves.

Out of all the above-listed makeup products, here we will discuss concealer, which is a basic and essential item of a makeup bag. The selection of appropriate shades of concealer to provide natural skin tones is very important for its efficient usage. Let us discuss concealer and its various details:

Purpose of Concealer- This is a makeup product that comprises pigments that are skin-coloured. The main purpose of concealer is to provide an even tone to the skin of the face by covering blemishes, dark spots, fine lines, and dark circles. It can be used as a base or primer for lips and eyelids. It provides colour correction to any kind of skin redness. It should be applied after moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer. Some people prefer the concealer before the foundation, and some prefer it after the foundation. This choice depends on the makeup technique the person is applying. One of the other benefits of concealer is its use in highlighting the cheekbones.

Different Types of Concealers- 

Many types of concealers could be selected based on the skincare needs and makeup goals.

  • Colour-Correct:  These concealers are of different colours that could be used for correction of the colour of the face. The most famous colour-correct shade is yellow.

  • Cream:  The cream concealers are used in cases where heavy coverage is required. These concealers use strong pigments that help in covering blemishes. This is one of the suitable types of concealers that suits normal or dry skin.

  • Liquid:  the most common and suitable type of concealer. This is the concealer that is used to provide coverage as per the requirement. It could be minimum or full, which helps in hiding dark circles under the eyes.

  • Stick:  These concealers are used for specific marks. One can use stick concealer for marks of acne or blemishes, or scars. 

  • Under-eye concealers:  Many types of concealers could be used to cover the dark circles under the eyes. However, there are specific concealers to hide the eye’s dark circles. These concealers are special as they penetrate inside the skin pores without being rubbed or pulling the skin.

How to select the suitable concealer-

Now as described above, the purpose of concealer is to provide coverage, so it is always necessary to find the concealer that is suitable for the skin types. If this is not correct, it might lead to a change in the appearance of a person from its natural appearance. The wrong selection of concealers can affect the whole makeup look. So points to be considered while selecting the appropriate concealers are as follows:

  • Skin type:  Depending on the type of skin and its care routine, one needs to select the concealers. It depends on whether the skin needs colour correction or toning. If there is some kind of redness or marks on the skin, then select a colour opposite to your skin colour (that needs to be covered). Orange or yellow are best for the marks as per Indian skin tones.

  • Skin colour:  Skin colour is dependent on skin tones. There are 3 tones considered – warm, cool, & neutral. Face tones are said to be divided into these 3 tones. For each tone, there is a different complexion. So one should take care of these complexions while selecting the concealer.

  • Limiting the choice:  It is always better to narrow down the choices. Selection should always be narrowed down to at most 3 options. These 3 shades should be in such a manner that one shade is slightly darker than the other, which is slightly lighter than the other. It is preferred to select one light, one neutral and one dark concealer.

  • Under-eye concealer colour:  Always make sure that concealer for under-eye dark circles should is one tone lighter than that of the skin colour so that it could help in providing a brighter effect to the skin.

In conclusion, face concealer is important to get flawless skin and hide fine lines, blemishes, dark spots, Dark circles, acne marks, and scars. The concealers are the base of makeup and are one of the basic steps of the makeup routine. The selection of correct and appropriate concealer could make your face and makeup brighter and more beautiful, or the wrong shade might make your face dull and dark. Also, these products should be authentic and safe to maintain the natural tone and glow of the skin. So, an appropriate concealer should always be part of the makeup bag or kit. The irony of makeup products shopping is that it is not easy to buy authentic and safe makeup products. Hence, it is always necessary to make sure that the platform or shop from where one is buying makeup should be trustworthy. 

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