How to Apply Concealer like A Pro for a Natural Look

Published on: Aug 2, 2023

If you are looking for a guide to help you master the art of applying concealer naturally, you’ve found the right place!

Despite having so many makeup products in the market, there is no such product as versatile as a concealer. Whether you want to recreate a glamorous look for an occasion or a simple no-makeup-makeup look for brunch, concealer is an absolute must-have in your makeup vanity. With runway models and other celebrities ditching the heavy full-face glam and embracing their natural imperfections, more people are gravitating towards a lighter alternative- concealer.

Before we move on to the 10-step-long guide to apply concealer like a pro for a natural look, it is important to choose the best concealer for face for a natural look. Usually applied on top of the foundation, concealer is a thicker and more pigmented version of the foundation. Therefore, selecting the right concealer that suits your skin type and blends smoothly is crucial for a smooth finish.

Step 1: Start With a Clean and Fresh Canvas

If you want your concealer to look invisible and give a natural finish, you must start with a clean and fresh canvas. The first step towards prepping your face is using a cleanser to clean and gently exfoliate your face and moving on with your usual skincare routine. Choosing the right cleanser that works for your skin type and doesn’t strip off excess oil from your face is important, as dehydrated and patchy-looking skin is the last thing you want. 

Step 2: Use an Exfoliator

Although a gentle cleanser helps provide a clean canvas for your makeup application, it is of little to no help for people with textured skin. If you haven’t washed your face in a while or got exposed to sunlight for excessive duration, old skin cells pile over your skin’s surface, leaving dull, dry, and patchy-looking skin. Exfoliating before applying concealer will help you get rid of any dead skin and dry patches from your skin’s surface to give a smoother finish.

Step 3: Don’t Forget To Moisturize and Prime Your Face

One of the most crucial steps in achieving a natural finish with a concealer is hydration. Make sure you moisturize your face generously after cleansing. Use a gel-based moisturizer if you have oily skin and gravitate more towards a matte look, as it gets absorbs into the skin within no time and hydrates the skin without making it look more oily. The skin under the eyes is thinner than the rest of your face and demands more love and care. So, don’t forget to hydrate the under-eye region. Using a primer will ensure your concealer doesn’t look patchy or cakey.

Step 4: Use a Clean Brush or Beauty Blender

People spend hours and thousands of money on their skincare routine to achieve that perfect off-duty model skin. However, they fail to realize that the majority of their skin disasters develop due to poor hygiene. Whether you use makeup on a daily basis or reserve it for special occasions, you should clean your makeup tools regularly. Dirty brushes and beauty blenders form a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other tiny microorganisms, which, when exposed to skin, lead to acne, textured skin, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

Step 5: Identify Your Concealer Placements

Now that you have prepped your skin and have clean makeup tools in hand, you should try to identify your problem areas. The most common mistake that beginners make is to use concealer as a foundation to cover up their entire face. For a natural look, you should focus on concentrating the product on regions with blemishes, dark spots, and pigmentation.

Step 6: Use a Colour Corrector

If your skin looks grey or ashy even after applying concealer that matches your shade, 

it is your sign to invest in a colour corrector. Colour corrector works on the principle of colour theory, which says that the colours on the opposite sides of the wheel cancel out one another. Concealer colour corrector is the latest discovery in the glamour world and is extremely helpful for people who struggle with hyperpigmentation. The majority of brown women have pigmentation around their mouth, nose, and sometimes forehead, which makes the skin appear ashy after concealer application. Using the right shade of colour corrector on pigmented areas before applying concealer can help you achieve a flawless, natural look.

Step 7: Focus On the High Points of Your Face

The concealer placement can have a drastic difference in your facial features. Applying concealer on the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, brow bone, cupid’s bone, sides of the forehead, and chin, can help you recreate a temporary model-off-duty look. Make sure you start with minimum product, as you can always go back to add more if you like. Applying concealer on high points makes your features appear a lot sharper and gives you an instant facelift.

Step 8: Use a Lighter Shade under the Eyes

The skin under the eyes is several times thinner than the rest of your face, which is why the cells in this area are more prone to damage by ultraviolet radiation, pollution, chemicals, etc. Make sure you use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation or your skin tone. Using a lighter shade of concealer for dark circles will cancel out the pigmentation and dark discolouration.

Step 9: Don’t Drag the Product

Another mistake to avoid while applying concealer for a natural finish is to not drag the product with your brush or beauty blender. If you are using a liquid concealer, make sure you let the product sit for a while before blending it in. Use a dabbing motion to spread the product instead of dragging it with a brush.

Step 10: Set the Product with a Loose Powder

The last thing you want for your concealer is to form creases under the eyes and mouth, which is why you should use a loose powder to set the concealer almost immediately. Beauty blenders give off a more natural finish than brushes, as brushes tend to budge the product.

Using the right technique is crucial for your concealer to look as natural as possible. We hope this step-by-step “How to Apply Concealer like a Pro for a Natural Look” guide helps you achieve the perfect natural makeup look.

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