Best Lipstick Shades for Fair and Glowing Skin

Published on: Dec 18, 2023

A makeup look is incomplete without the perfect pouty lips that grab everyone's attention instantly. The perfect blend of color with rich formulations of the long lasting lipstick adds dimension to your lips, making them look plump and supple. Just one stroke and the entire mood of the outfit gets uplifted with a simple dash of colors. Embracing the textures, finishes, and lipstick shades, you get the freedom to create your style that is always ready to rock every event.

Every woman loves wearing lipstick to create an extravagant and bold look instantly. The variety of lipstick shades allows you to transform from a simple day look to a party vibe with just a glide. The tricky part is choosing the perfect lipstick shade that enhances your skin and outfit. The correct lipstick shade can make or break the entire look. The outfit, time of day, and occasion are a few things to consider before starting your makeup routine. Embracing the art of colors helps you to slay every occasion in style.

Best Lipstick Shade for Fair Skin

Your skin tone determines whether a glossy or matte lipstick shade will look on you. While there are a lot of factors to consider before picking the best lipstick shade for fair skin, here is a list of trending colors you can never go wrong with. Mix and match different shades from the below range of Character Cosmetics Lipstick to create a gorgeous look ready to flaunt.

Character Glam Queen Crayon Lipstick

A perfect nude matte lipstick with a feather texture is perfect for brightening your fair skin and adding to the glow. The shades work perfectly for your daily office wear, instantly giving you a subtle and natural look. The smudge proof lipstick with a smooth formula in the nude pink shade adds a natural rush of vibrance to your face.

Character Stream Beauty Coral Crayon Lipstick

A fair skin tone can never go wrong with the fresh flush of coral shade. Character Stream Beauty Coral Lip Crayon Lipstick is your answer to create a statement with an overpowering look. The perfect finish with the pink hue helps you get a cooler tone for your everyday look. Rather than going bold with red, the coral shade lets you get the bossy look with its ultra-smooth finish and intense pigment that lasts all day.

Character Yummy Lips Crayon Lipstick

If you want a darker shade but still want to keep a subtle look for your outfit, the Yummy Lips shade of pink crayon lipstick is what you need to add to your makeup arsenal. The pink lipstick shade creates a balance between soft, nude lips and bold, dark shades of lipstick. A simple, smooth glide gives you a feather finish that can even work as a blush to create the same tone makeup. The lip crayon offers long lasting wear that is easy to carry while traveling. The formulation keeps your lips well hydrated while giving perfect coverage.

Character Buffy Mini Lipstick

Bold brown lips can never go out of fashion. Browns bring out the natural hues of bright skin, making you look extravagant and shine out from the crowd. Character Buffy Mini Lipstick is the perfect shade you require that can work in multiple ways with its smooth and luxurious finish. The perfect chocolate chestnut shade can work beautifully as a lip liner and contour to create a chiseled look with buffy and pouty lips.

Character Rose Mini Matte Lipstick

A comfortable hug to your plump lips with the touch of mud rose matte lipstick shade can work wonders with any look. A simple shade can work for every occasion, whether daily wear or parties, day or night. The rose color gives the most natural look and adds a flush of rich and vibrant pigment to your fair skin. The lipstick formulation offers a smooth and creamy texture with an 8-hour hydrating stay.

Character Girls Night Out Revolution Matte Lipstick

Say hello to the Character Girls Night Out Revolution Matte Lipstick shade when you want to rock the party in style. It is the love shade that can make women go gaga. The Dutchess pink shade applied on your soft and supple lips creates a perfect mood for an everyday look. The perfect coverage and transfer-proof lip color give you the pouty effect that will last day and night.

Character Kisses and Pouts Long Lasting Lipstick

Red can never go wrong when it comes to slaying a party with the dominant look. Character Kisses and Pouts long lasting lipstick gives you the perfect touch of burgundy red with hues of brown that you can pair with any outfit to instantly get party-ready. The shade makes your lips look bold all day long. The formulation lets the lipstick shade stay long on the toughest days without smudging.

Character Shades of Love Matte Lipstick

Love is a mix of emotions, as does the Character Shades of Love Matte Lipstick. The perfect blend of different hues gives you an effect of sepia brown shade that effortlessly fits every mood and occasion. Whether it is your date night or a fun evening with your girls, the shade of love can help uplift the ambiance with its vibrant and deep-pigmented shade. The perfect coverage glides easily on your lips, and the pencil shape allows you to line your lips for the perfect pout easily.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Lipstick Shade for Fair Skin

Know Your Undertone

Now that you have the shades that work well on fair skin tones, understanding the undertone is equally important to select the perfect lipstick shade. Every person has a different undertone that you can check based on the color of your veins. People who have green or olive-colored veins have a warm undertone. Blue and purple color veins indicate a cool undertone. Those with a mix, having a bluish-green shade, have a neutral undertone. Based on the undertone, you can choose the palette shades that best suit you.

Warm undertone – Bold orange, bold reds, terracotta, chocolate, etc.

Cool undertone – Cherry red, pink, peach, light nudes, etc.

Neutral undertone – Mix and match both warm and cool undertone shades.

Correspond the Lip Shade with Eye Color

A simple trick to find the perfect lipstick shade for your fair skin is to check your eye shade. Generally, the best shade for your skin tone is the one that corresponds to your eye shade. For example, if you have hazel brown eyes, going for a similar shade of brown lipstick will give you a natural look. Always ensure when you buy a long lasting lipstick, it is in tune with your eye shade.

Patch Test

When nothing works, a patch test is always the best idea to help select the best lipstick shade for fair skin. You can apply the lipstick around the wrist and see if it suits your skin. If yes, it will suit your face too.

Tips for Long Lasting Lipstick Shades


In three simple steps, your lipstick will stay brighter longer without transfer and smudge. While the quality of lipstick is important, how you apply lipstick is equally crucial. Always start with exfoliating your lips and moisturizing them to keep them hydrated. After that, apply lip primer and line using a lip liner. Use matte lipstick to layer the pigments for a perfect finish. Blotting the lipstick shade will help the pigment go deeper and stay longer on your lips. 

When it comes to buying the best lipstick shade for fair skin, quality is always in mind. Look for waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof lipstick online that gives you an all-day glam look without messing up your appearance. At Character Cosmetics, access the range of beautiful, pigmented shades that stay for long hours without compromising on looks. Being a vegan and cruelty-free brand, Character Cosmetics offers dermatologically tested products to ensure your skin and lips are supple, soft, and photo-ready.

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