Dos and Don'ts of Liquid Lipstick

Published on: Jul 15, 2023
Due to its bright and long-lasting colour payoff, liquid lipstick has become a favourite choice for many cosmetic fans. Liquid lipsticks feature a matte or glossy sheen that, in contrast to traditional lipsticks, can persist for hours without smudging or fading. However, there are a few dos and don'ts to remember to have the perfect pout with liquid lipstick. In this article, we will examine the most critical advice and techniques for applying liquid lipstick to achieve a smooth and comfortable application.

Lip Moisturizer and Exfoliation: It's essential to adequately prep your lips before using any lip products. You can exfoliate your lips using a soft toothbrush or a light lip scrub to remove any dry or flaky skin. The liquid lipstick will have a smooth surface thanks to this procedure. Apply moisturizing lip balm to your lips after exfoliating to keep them from drying out or cracking. Before using a liquid lipstick, give the balm time to absorb thoroughly.

Apply lip lining: Always use a lip liner that complements the colour of your liquid lipstick for a precise and well-defined lip shape. In addition to helping to define your lips, lip liners also stop lipstick from bleeding or feathering. To lay a foundation for the liquid lipstick, outline the contour of your lips and then fill them in.

Use Smaller Layers: Given how highly pigmented they are, the best liquid lipstick can be applied sparingly. It's better to gradually build up the colour than to apply a thick amount all at once. Liquid lipstick should be used in small layers, and each application should be entirely dried before continuing. This method guarantees even application and stops the product from flaking or breaking.

Allow Enough Time for Drying: The whole drying time of liquid lipsticks is usually a few minutes. Avoid touching or squeezing your lips during this period, as it could interfere with drying and cause uneven application. Liquid lipstick requires patience, so wait until it has had plenty of time to dry before doing anything else.

Apply translucent powder to seal: You can set liquid lipstick by sparingly sprinkling a fine powder over your lips for longer-lasting wear. This method aids in mattifying the finish, locking in the colour, and extending the wear duration of the lipstick by preventing transfer.

Avoid applying chapped or dry lips: Liquid lipsticks frequently emphasize any chapping or dryness on the lips. Before using a liquid lipstick, ensure your lips are moisturized and flaky skin-free. Use a lip scrub or a lip balm and carefully wipe away any excess with a tissue if your lips are dry before applying.

Remember to use a lip primer: The endurance and smoothness of liquid lipstick can be significantly improved by using a lip primer before application. Lipstick adheres better, has a smoother base thanks to a lip primer, and doesn't settle into tiny lines.

Avoid pulling your lips too tightly: At the same time, it may be tempting to overdraw your lips to give them a more prominent appearance; liquid lipstick should be used with caution. Overdoing the sketching might result in an unrealistic appearance and make the lipstick look sloppy. Keep your lips in their natural shape or subtly enhance them with lip liner, but don't go overboard.

Avoid using multiple layers without giving them time to dry: Liquid lipstick can be applied unevenly and patchily if several layers are added without giving each one enough time to dry. Before adding another coat, be sure the previous one has had enough time to dry. It will guarantee a uniform and smooth finish.

Do not rub or smudge: Avoid rubbing or smearing your lips once the liquid lipstick has dried. Lipstick may peel off or fade if it is scratched. If you need to touch up, carefully wipe away the previous coats with a cosmetic wipe or micellar water, then start over with liquid lipstick.

Extra Advice for Applying Liquid Lipstick

Remove Extra Product to Apply with Precision
It's crucial to clean the applicator of any extra liquid lipstick before applying it. The excess can result in an application that is thick and uneven, which makes it more challenging to produce a precise look. Utilize a tissue to blot the extra lipstick, or carefully scrape it against the tube's rim. By following these instructions, you can manage how much product you use and create a crisp, defined lip line.

Choose a Colour That Is Appropriate for Your Skin's Tone
There are many different shades of liquid lipsticks, so picking one that goes well with your skin tone is crucial. When choosing a hue, take your undertones into account. Choose warm undertone colours like coral, peach, or brick red if you have warm undertones. Choose colours like berry or mauve with blue or purple undertones for cool undertones. 

Correctly remove the lipstick
Removing liquid lipstick softly and successfully when the time comes is essential. Utilize a makeup remover made especially for long-lasting lip cosmetics. To help the substance dissolve, soak a cotton pad or makeup wipe in the remover and rub it against your lips briefly. Next, gently wipe the lipstick away, working your way from the outer to the inner corners. Scrubbing or rubbing should be avoided as it can irritate your lips. After removing the lipstick, moisturize and hydrate your lips with a moisturizing lip balm or treatment.

Keep Your Liquid Lipsticks Safely Stored
Keeping liquid lipsticks properly is crucial to increase their shelf life and preserve their quality. Keep them away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area because heat and light can damage the formula and change the colour. Ensure the caps are firmly fastened to avoid the product drying out. Check the expiration date on your liquid lipsticks frequently, and throw away any that have passed or changed in texture or odour.

Your makeup look can be enhanced with a splash of colour and a flawless finish using liquid lipsticks. You can apply liquid lipstick in a pleasant, durable, and attractive way by adhering to these dos and don'ts. Remember to moisturize, exfoliate, and line your lips before applying small layers and letting them dry completely. Avoid overdrawing and layering too thickly without allowing them to dry between coats, pressing, or smudging the product on dry or chapped lips. With these pointers in mind, you may stylishly wear your preferred liquid lipstick and enjoy a gorgeous lip appearance all day.

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