Must Have: Waterproof Makeup Products for this Season

Published on: May 30, 2024

Must Have: Waterproof Makeup Products for this Season

With the increasing heat and monsoons to be followed, styling your best can get difficult. While makeup adds to your confidence and helps you create a persona, the weather and surrounding conditions can cause the makeup to melt and get ruined. Using waterproof makeup products is your rescue. A range of makeup products helps you offer a waterproof solution to beat the humid weather this season while flaunting the amazing diva within you. Here is a list of waterproof makeup products you must have in your makeup collection to rock the amazing look.

Essential Waterproof Makeup Products You Must Have in Your Makeup Collection

Base Waterproof Makeup Products 

1. Makeup Primer

A quality waterproof primer is your makeup's first line of defense against all the layers of cosmetics and the environment. It helps create a smooth canvas for your full-coverage foundation and even acts as a barrier between products and your sensitive skin. It protects and seals your pores while creating blurry, young-looking skin. Look for waterproof makeup primers that target your specific skin concerns as well to ensure your makeup stays all day long.

2. Liquid Foundation

The waterproof foundation is the backbone of any makeup routine, and when it's waterproof, you can trust it to withstand whatever the day throws at you. While it is the base layer for flawless skin, choosing waterproof foundation formulations or ones labeled as ‘long wear’ helps provide maximum durability along with a great finish. These foundations are often formulated with ingredients that adhere to the skin, providing a finish that won't budge, even in high humidity or rainy weather.

3. Corrector Concealer

Summer means extra heat and that can lead to sunburn, rashes, acne, etc. But this doesn’t stop you from looking your best. Use waterproof concealer and corrector palette to neutralize discoloration and even out your complexion. Peach or orange-toned correctors are perfect for counteracting dark circles, while green correctors neutralize redness. The waterproof formulation ensures your face concealer stays in place without creasing, fading, or smudging throughout the day.

 4. Compact Powder

Though you use waterproof makeup products, setting the base is always a crucial step for long lasting makeup. Using a waterproof compact powder helps blur imperfections and controls shine while sealing your foundation and concealer base. Look for finely milled loose or pressed powders that offer buildable coverage without caking or settling into fine lines. 

 5. Setting Spray

The final and last step in your makeup routine is to ensure your makeup stays put no matter what. Using a waterproof setting spray with a fine mist evenly coats your face, sealing in your makeup and providing long lasting wear. The formulation helps keep your skin looking fresh and radiant and also helps convert makeup products into waterproof solutions.

Waterproof Makeup Products for Eyes

1. Eyeliner

Define your eyes with precision using waterproof eyeliner that won't smudge or fade throughout the day. With an intense payoff and long-lasting wear, waterproof liquid eyeliner and gel liner are perfect for creating bold looks that withstand sweat, tears, and humidity.

2. Black Mascara

A traditional and must-have makeup product to accentuate and frame your eyes is mascara. Add volume to your lashes using a waterproof mascara with nourishing formula. The application in one or two coats helps provide intense color and long lasting curl.

3. Eyebrow Gel

Keep your brows on point all day long with a waterproof eyebrow gel that tames unruly hairs and sets your brows in place. Choose a formula that helps add depth and definition to your brows while ensuring they stay perfectly groomed, rain or shine.

Waterproof Makeup Products for Added Glow

1. Highlighter and Contour

Enhance your natural beauty by accentuating your high points and playing around with shadow and light. Use a waterproof highlighter and contour duo to sculpt and illuminate your features. Cream or liquid formulas blend seamlessly into the skin, providing a luminous glow that lasts all day without fading or smudging.

2. Blush and Bronzer

A slight dust of pink and brown on your face can always add a feminine touch and a boost of confidence. Use a waterproof blush and bronzer duo that complements your skin tone to get a natural and beautiful glow. Waterproof formulas offer buildable coverage and long lasting wear, ensuring your complexion stays radiant and sun-kissed from morning until night.

Pouty Lip Makeup Products

1. Lip Primer

Similar to the face, prepping your lips is equally important. A lip primer helps enhance your waterproof lipstick stay. It creates a smooth canvas for your matte lipstick to glide smoothly. It even helps hydrate your soft lips and make them supple for a pouty look.

2. Liquid Lipstick

When it comes to makeup, making a statement with bold, long lasting lip paint is always a quick solution. Use a waterproof liquid lipstick that won't budge or feather throughout the day. Matte formulas offer intense color payoff and a transfer-proof finish, perfect for achieving pouty lips that are always picture perfect.

Application Tips for Waterproof Makeup

 Prep Your Skin

Your skin deserves a lot of gentle care and pampering before layering any of your makeup products. Prepping is an essential step that is the base for applying waterproof makeup products. Start by cleansing and exfoliating your face to remove any dirt, oil, or impurities. This ensures a clean canvas for your face makeup application and helps prevent clogged pores that cause breakouts and acne. Once the skin is clean, dry, and exfoliated, apply a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin. Moisturizing is a crucial step, even if you have oily or combination skin, as it helps create a smooth base and add hydration to your skin. Finally, apply a waterproof primer to seal the deal. Makeup primers not only help your makeup last longer but also provide a barrier between your skin and your makeup, ensuring a flawless finish.

 Use Setting Makeup Products

Setting your makeup is the secret weapon of celebrities that ensures it stays intact all day long. But, understanding how to use makeup setting spray can help get the best results. First, mist your face with a waterproof setting spray once your makeup routine is done. Hold the makeup setting spray about 8-10 inches away or at an elbow distance from your face and spray in an "X" and "T" motion to ensure even coverage. This motion ensures a thin layer and even application on your face. Maintaining distance is essential for keeping makeup intact without mixing and smudging. Additionally, lightly dusting a waterproof compact powder over your face with a fluffy makeup brush to help absorb excess oil and moisture, further extending the longevity of your makeup.

Layer Your Products

Layering your face makeup products correctly is key to achieving a flawless, long lasting look. While waterproof products help get a summer-proof makeup look, the ideal process of layering is vital. Start by applying thin, buildable layers of face makeup instead of thick ones all at once. This allows each layer to adhere better to the skin and prevents a heavy, cakey makeup look. When using both cream and powder products, always apply cream products first, followed by powder to set the cream products. Cream formulas, such as blushes or highlighters, should be applied before powders to prevent fine lines, patches, etc.

Expert Recommended Waterproof Makeup Products to Try

Character Luminizer

Achieving a radiant and lit glow from within is possible using the waterproof primer - Character Luminizer. This weightless, waterproof formula seamlessly blends into your skin, leaving a soft, dewy finish that flatters all complexions. Infused with rich ingredients, it is the perfect solution to exfoliate and unclog pores while giving you a Lumi-smooth skin texture for a natural looking luminosity that lasts all day, even in humid or sweaty conditions.

Character Silky Matte Foundation

Character Silky Matte Foundation offers flawless, buildable coverage with a comfortable, lightweight feel. The water-resistant formula helps control shine without feeling cakey, ensuring a smooth, matte finish that lasts. Available in a wide range of shades, the waterproof foundation perfectly matches your skin tone and can withstand sweat and humidity for long-lasting wear.

Character Pro Concealer Palette

The versatile Character Pro Concealer Palette features a range of highly pigmented, waterproof concealer and corrector shades that help target imperfections while giving an even skin tone. The blendable, oil-free, and water-based formula offers full coverage without any creasing or settling into fine lines. Perfect for all skin types, you can effectively use it to camouflage blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and redness for a flawless, waterproof finish.

Character Setting Powder

Character Luxury Powder

Set your makeup for flawless, all-day wear with Character Luxury Setting Powder. The formula helps absorb excess oil and controls shine without a heavy feel. The micro-fine, translucent powder creates a smooth, airbrushed finish that extends the wear of your makeup, even in hot or humid weather. The best part is that the loose powder is talc and fragrance-free, making it ideal for everyone to use.

Character Compact Powder

Achieve a flawless, matte finish with Character Compact Powder. Available in different shades to suit different Indian skin tones, the waterproof compact powder offers medium coverage. With shine control and mattifying quality, it is portable and comes with a mirror. This makes it ideal for touch ups throughout the day, ensuring your makeup stays put, even during sweaty summer activities.

Character Pro Highlighter and Blush Palette

Every woman loves an all-in-one palette. Character Pro Highlighter and Blush Palette is your solution to instantly get the dreamy look. While everyone struggles to find waterproof makeup products, this palette offers high pigment shades that can withstand all weather conditions. Just swirl your brush and get ready to glam up your look with this blush and highlighter palette.

Character Fabulous Liquid Eyeliner

Create sharp, dramatic eye looks with Character Fabulous Liquid Eyeliner. The waterproof eyeliner combined with a waterproof eye pencil gives you the perfect and mesmerizing eye makeup look. It features a fine tip for precise application of lines and long lasting wear. The highly pigmented, smudge-proof formulation dries quickly and won't feather or fade, making it perfect for creating anything from classic cat eyes to bold graphic designs.

Character Creamy Matte Long Lasting Lipstick

Experience bold, beautiful color with Character Creamy Matte Long Lasting Lipstick. This waterproof lipstick formula offers a rich, saturated color with a comfortable, lightweight feel. The creamy texture ensures a smooth glide that effortlessly dries to a beautiful, matte finish look. This liquid lipstick is available in a stunning range of shades and ensures you have a perfect shade for every outfit.

Character Super Stay Makeup Setting Spray

Lock your makeup in place with Character Super Stay Makeup Setting Spray. This waterproof makeup product contains a formula that makes your makeup withstand humidity, sweat, and other harsh conditions. It works by creating an invisible shield that protects your makeup from smudging, fading, or transferring. The lightweight mist refreshes and hydrates the skin while ensuring your makeup stays flawless all day long, no matter the weather.

Must have waterproof makeup products are not just some regular range of face makeup products you are going to add to your makeup kit. It offers a transfer proof, smudge proof, and waterproof solution to all your makeup looks without worrying about any weather or external factors. Character Cosmetics ensures your requirements to create a waterproof makeup look are fulfilled with utmost care. All ranges of waterproof makeup products are crafted using cruelty-free methods and vegan ingredients and later processed by certified dermatologists for safe application. Choose Character Cosmetics to experience confidence with style.

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