Eyeshadow Do's and Don'ts: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Published on: Aug 2, 2023

What more effective approach to highlight your gorgeous eyes than with the enchantment of eyeshadow? The expression "windows to the soul" has been used to describe the eyes. Learning how to apply eyeshadow may help you look better overall, regardless of your level of makeup expertise. Like any other cosmetic procedure, applying eyeshadow requires accuracy and familiarity with the dos and don'ts. This post will review some frequent blunders to avoid and how to use the best eyeshadow to draw attention to your eyes.


●    Primer Is Your Best Friend: Before diving into the colourful world of best eyeshadow, never forget to apply an eyeshadow primer. It provides a smooth canvas, evens out the skin tone on your eyelids, and creates a base that helps the eyeshadow stay put throughout the day. A primer also intensifies the eyeshadow's pigment, giving you a more vibrant look. Look for a primer that is specifically designed for the eyelids, as regular face primers may not hold up well on this delicate area.

●    Invest in Quality Brushes: High-quality eyeshadow brushes can make a world of difference in your makeup application. A blending brush, a flat shader brush, and a precision brush are essential tools for achieving different eyeshadow looks. The right brushes enable seamless blending and precise placement of colours, helping you create stunning eye makeup looks effortlessly. When shopping for brushes, opt for synthetic bristles for applying cream eyeshadows and natural bristles for powder formulas.

●    Blend, Blend, Blend: Blending is the key to achieving a professional and polished eyeshadow look. Use a soft windshield wiper motion to blend different eyeshadow shades seamlessly. Start with a light hand and build up the colour gradually to avoid harsh lines. Blending ensures that there are no stark edges and creates a smooth transition between colours. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take your time and blend away!

●    Choose the Right Colours for Your Eye Colour: While you can experiment with any colour you like, certain eyeshadow shades complement specific eye colours. For instance, earthy tones like warm browns and bronze work well with blue eyes, while purples and plums enhance green eyes. Browns and gold look stunning on those with brown eyes. However, don't be afraid to step outside the traditional colour suggestions—rules are meant to be broken, and you might discover unexpected combinations that suit you perfectly.

●    Apply Eyeshadow before Mascara: To prevent fallout from ruining your mascara; always apply eyeshadow before coating your lashes. This way, you can easily clean up any excess shadow that falls onto your cheeks without smudging your mascara. Additionally, applying mascara after eyeshadow allows you to see how much volume and length your lashes need to complement the eye makeup.

●    Practice Different Eyeshadow Techniques: Don't limit yourself to a single eyeshadow application style. Experiment with various techniques, such as cut crease, halo eye, and smoky eye, to add versatility to your makeup repertoire. Each technique offers a unique and eye-catching look that you can tailor to suit different occasions and moods. YouTube and makeup tutorials are excellent resources for learning and perfecting these techniques.


●    Don't Overdo the Colours: It's exciting to play with a variety of eyeshadow shades, but using too many bold colours at once can lead to an overwhelming look. Stick to 2-3 shades that complement each other and blend them well to create dimension without appearing chaotic. If you've never applied eyeshadow before, start with basic colours and gradually add more vibrant ones as you gain skill. Remember that less is sometimes more when it comes to eyeshadow.

●    Avoid Skipping Eyelid Preparation: Lack of skincare regimen or improper eyelid priming might cause creases and uneven eyeshadow application. Eyelids should always be cleaned and moisturised before makeup is applied. Additionally, to guarantee that your eyeshadow stays intact all day long if you have oily eyelids, think about applying an eyeshadow primer that reduces extra oil. If you skip this step, your eyeshadow will look uneven and will not stay as long as you would want.

●    Avoid Using Low-Quality Products: Although they can be alluring, inexpensive eyeshadow products frequently have poor pigmentation and might irritate the eyes. Spend money on eyeshadow that blends well and lasts longer on your lids. Given that you won't need to use as much product and because high-quality eyeshadows often have a superior colour payoff, they will stay longer in your makeup collection. Keep your eyeshadow quality high since the effects will speak for itself.

●    Don't Use the Same Brush for Everything: Using the same brush for different eyeshadow colours can muddle the shades and compromise the overall look. Clean your brushes between each colour or use separate brushes to avoid colour contamination. Brush cleansers or alcohol-based sprays are handy tools for quickly cleaning and disinfecting brushes during makeup application. Using clean brushes not only ensures colour accuracy but also maintains the hygiene of your makeup tools.

●    Avoid Neglecting Your Eye Shape: Different eye shapes require different eyeshadow techniques to enhance their natural beauty. For example, those with hooded eyes should focus on creating depth on the crease, while round eyes benefit from elongating techniques. Learn about your eye shape and experiment with suitable looks. Additionally, remember to adjust the placement of eyeshadow to complement any unique eye characteristics you may have, such as monolids or prominent brow bones. Understanding your eye shape will help you avoid makeup looks that don't flatter your natural features.


In conclusion, applying eyeshadow makeup is an art that calls for perseverance, practice, and knowledge of what suits each individual user best. You may create striking looks that draw attention to the inherent beauty of your eyes by adhering to the dos and avoiding don'ts. Keep in mind that using makeup is an opportunity for artistic expression, so don't be afraid to explore while keeping these rules in mind. The greatest makeup techniques will make your eyes sparkle, drawing all eyes to you wherever you go.

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