Discover Your Perfect Matte Lipstick Shade: The Ultimate Guide for All Skin Tones

Published on: Aug 2, 2023

Every collection of beauty enthusiasts now includes matte lipstick as a standard item. Those who wish to achieve a bold and sophisticated look love it because of its velvety finish and long-lasting formula. Finding the ideal matte lipstick colour can be challenging, whether you are a beauty novice or a seasoned artist. With so many choices like Crayon lipsticks, also known as lip crayons, are cosmetic products designed for applying colour to the lips. They are inspired by the familiar shape and design of crayons used for drawing and colouring; it's critical to comprehend the undertones of your skin and pick a colour that enhances your complexion. This comprehensive tutorial will explain how to identify your skin's undertones and assist you in selecting the best matte lipstick shade for your particular skin tone.

Understanding Different Skin Undertones

It's important to comprehend the idea of skin undertones before delving into the world of matte lipstick colours. The colours that are hidden beneath the surface of your skin, known as skin undertones, have a significant impact on how particular colours appear on you. The three major undertones are cool, warm, and neutral.

Cool Undertones

Your skin will be pink or bluish if you have cold undertones. People with cold undertones frequently have fair or pale skin, which is more prone to sunburn. Blue or purple undertoned matte lipstick colours work best for cool undertones. These hues will enhance your skin and highlight your lips. Look for matte lipsticks with names like "berry," "plum," or "mauve" for a flattering cool-toned lip.

Warm Undertones

Warm undertones are indicated by the skin's golden or yellowish colour. Warm undertones are frequently associated with medium to dark skin tones and an easy tan in the sun. Choose matte lipsticks with warm undertones if you want to accentuate warm undertones. Colours like "coral," "peach," or "brick red" will accentuate your inherent warmth and produce a unified appearance. These hues are ideal for creating a natural, sun-kissed cosmetic appearance.

Neutral Undertones

Undertones that are neutral are a blend of warm and cold undertones. Pink and yellow undertones are balanced in the skin of people with neutral undertones. Having neutral undertones gives you the ability to wear a variety of matte lipstick colours, which is fantastic. You have the freedom to experiment with various hues, whether you favour cool-toned pinks or warm-toned reds. Never be afraid to experiment with striking hues like "hot pink" or "deep burgundy" to create a statement.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Matte Lipstick Shade

Now that you are simply more conscious of your skin's undertones, let's check out some advice for selecting the perfect matte lipstick colour:

Think about the shade of your natural lips: The way a matte lipstick shade looks on your lips can vary, counting on your natural lip colour. To get a more equal tone if your lips are pigmented, choose colours that are just slightly darker than your natural lip colour.

Test before you buy: It's crucial to test on new matte lipstick before buying it when shopping for it. To test how the colour looks on your skin, dab a small quantity on the back of your hand or the inside of your wrist.

Experiment with different finishes: Despite the velvety touch that matte lipstick is known for, you can also experiment with other finishes like satin or demi-matte. These coatings can give your lips depth and offer you a more distinctive appearance.

Consider the occasion: Different lipstick colours are appropriate for various events. More natural and understated hues are best for a midday appearance. Don't be afraid to go wild with a brilliant crimson or deep plum tone for a night out or a special event.

Remember that it takes a lot of trial and error to obtain the ideal matte lipstick hue. If the first shade you attempt doesn't suit you, don't give up. Continue experimenting and enjoy yourself!

How to Apply Matte Lipstick for Long-Lasting Wear

Knowing how to apply matte lipstick properly is essential for ensuring long-lasting wear after you've discovered the perfect shade. To obtain a smooth and durable matte lip look, follow these steps:

Prep your lips: To begin, exfoliate your lips to get rid of any flaky or dry skin. Your matte lipstick will have a smooth surface thanks to this. You can gently massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or a lip scrub.

Moisturize: To keep your lips moisturized, use a lip balm or hydrating lip primer. Maintaining lip moisture is essential to avoiding cracking or feathering when wearing matte lipsticks because they can be drying.

Line your lips: Use a lip liner that is either slightly darker or the same shade as your matte lipstick to define and shape your lips. The corners of your lips should be drawn after the cupid's bow. Fill in your lips with the lip liner to give them extra durability.

Apply the lipstick: Apply the matte lipstick to your lips with a lip brush or straight from the container. Work your way outward from the centre to the corners. To ensure an even application, be precise and patient.

Blot and set: Blot your lips with a tissue after applying the first coat of matte lipstick to get rid of any extra product. In order to set the lipstick and avoid smudging, do this. Apply a second coat of lipstick after softly dusting translucent powder over your lips for increased durability.


Buy lipstick online for your skin tone may be exciting and gratifying. You can confidently experiment with many matte lipstick hues to find the one that best complements your inherent beauty by knowing the undertones of your skin and using the advice in this article. Don't forget to experiment, enjoy yourself, and embrace your individual flair. The correct matte lipstick will help you produce a striking and chic look that will draw attention everywhere you go.

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