How to Apply Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Different Ways?

Published on: Jul 3, 2024

Every makeup product has a unique formulation that instantly helps you achieve a glamorous look. Gel or liquid eyeliner is one such makeup essential that can dramatically transform your eyes, taking them from simple to striking with just one stroke. Using any of the two waterproof eyeliners can help you achieve the eye makeup look of your dreams. But with so many types and techniques available, understanding how to apply gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner can be difficult. You can learn everything from choosing the right eyeliner and applying it flawlessly. While the journey of how to apply gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner may require some practice and patience, the payoff is a world of creative possibilities.  

What is Gel Eyeliner?  

Gel eyeliner, with its luxuriously creamy texture and intense pigmentation, stands as a strong addition to the world of eye makeup. Packaged in small pots or jars, gel liners can offer a playground of possibilities if you seek precision and longevity. The smooth consistency glides effortlessly onto the skin, allowing for precise application using a fine-tipped eye makeup brush. Whether you want to create a subtle enhancement or craft a bold cat-eye, gel eyeliner gives you the control and flexibility needed to achieve your desired look. What sets gel eyeliner apart is its remarkable staying power; once applied, it adheres quickly, resisting smudging and fading throughout the day. This allows you to be glam ready for those long work hours or fun evenings. With gel eyeliner, the boundaries of creativity expand, inviting experimentation with various styles, shapes, and finishes.  

What is Liquid Eyeliner?  

Liquid eyeliner is known for its precision and intensity and is packaged in a small bottle with a fine brush tip. Unlike all other types of eyeliner, liquid eyeliner boasts a fluid, ink-like consistency, allowing for seamless application and sharp lines for the creative geek within you. Its ability to create crisp and defined looks makes it a go-to choice for achieving dramatic winged eyes or intricate designs. The rich pigment delivers a bold and striking color payoff, instantly enhancing the eyes for a captivating and polished finish. Whether you're aiming for a subtle flick or a bold statement, waterproof liquid eyeliner encourages you to unleash your creativity and uplift your eye makeup game with confidence.  

Basics of How to Apply Gel Eyeliner?  


When you learn how to apply gel eyeliner, the first step is to prep your eyes. Begin with clean, dry eyelids. Apply an eyeshadow makeup primer on your lids to get a smooth canvas and prolong the wear of your gel liner.  


Apply gel eyeliner using a fine-tipped brush. Make sure the brush is clean and free of excess product. Do not compromise on the quality of your brush.  


While you master the art of eyeliner, the basics remain the same. Dip the makeup brush into the gel liner and pick the product sparingly. Gently remove any excess product on the back of your hand or the rim of the pot to have a clean stroke. Start mapping out the shape of your eyeliner, whether it's a subtle line or a dramatic wing.  


With light, feathery strokes, begin tracing along the lash line from the inner corner of your eyes towards the outer corner. Take your time and gradually build up the intensity for a precise and even application.  

Finishing Touches  

Once you're satisfied with the shape, use a cotton swab, or bud dipped in makeup remover to clean any mistakes or uneven edges. Set the gel liner with a matching eyeshadow to prevent smudging.  

Basics of How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner?  


Prep your eyelids with primer to ensure a smooth canvas for application and to help the eyeliner last longer. Do not apply oil-based products to ensure that the liquid eyeliner stays smudge free.  


Liquid eyeliner typically comes with a fine brush applicator attached to the cap. Shake the eyeliner bottle well before use to ensure the liquid formula is thoroughly mixed.  


While you must have waterproof makeup products to do your entire face and eye makeup, using the waterproof liquid eyeliner can still be tricky. Rest your elbow on a stable surface or a table to steady your hand. Start applying the eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes and draw a thin line along your lash line.  

Wing it Out  

Extend the line of the eyeliner slightly beyond the outer corner of your eyes for that wing. Angle it in an upward direction, towards the tail end of your brow. Connect the tip of the wing to the main line and fill in any gaps for a seamless finish.  

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner in Different Ways?  

Classic Tightline  

Use gel eyeliner to line your upper waterline for a subtle definition. Use a thin, angled brush and short strokes to get close to the lash line without irritating your eyes.  

Simple Lash Line Enhancement  

Learning how to use gel eyeliner is vital for a natural look. Start with a thin line at the outer corner of your eye, gradually thickening it towards the center. Keep the line very close to your lash line and avoid extending it beyond your natural eye shape.  

Dramatic Winged Liner  

This iconic look adds intensity and drama. Using liquid eyeliner, start with a thin line along your lash line and extend it outwards at an angle towards the end of your eyebrow. Thicken the line gradually and create a pointed wing at the end. You can adjust the wing's size and angle to flatter your eye shape.  

Smokey Eye  

A gel liner can be a great base for a smokey eye. Apply a thicker line along your lash line, extending it slightly beyond the outer corner. Smudge the line with a smudge brush to create a diffused, smokey effect. You can layer eyeshadow on top for added depth and drama.  

Graphic Liner  

Ditch the traditional eyeliner shapes and get creative for a truly unique look! Use waterproof liquid eyeliner to create geometric designs, double wings, or even negative space looks where you leave the center of your lid bare.  

Pro Tips – How to Apply Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner?  

1. Choose the Right Brush  

Investing in a premium quality eyeliner brush for your preferred application style is crucial. A liner brush with fine, firm bristles that offer precision and control allows you to create intricate looks easily. Whether you prefer a pointed tip for sharp lines or an angled brush for winged looks, the right selection helps you get a flawless application.  

2. Warm Up the Product  

The first step in knowing how to apply gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is taking a moment to warm up your product. For gel eyeliner, swirling your brush in the pot helps soften the gel, making it easier to work with. This simple step ensures smoother application and prevents any clumping or dragging, allowing you to achieve crisp lines effortlessly. Liquid eyeliner can warm up with a nice rub between your palms.  

3. Use Short Strokes  

Mastering waterproof eyeliner application is all about patience and precision. Instead of aiming for perfection in a single stroke, start with short and light strokes and gradually build up the intensity and shape. This technique offers greater control, allowing you to refine your line and correct any mistakes along the way without creating a mess.  

4. Clean Up Mistakes  

Even the most skilled makeup artists encounter mishaps from time to time. That's why it's essential to keep makeup remover and cotton swabs on hand. Quickly erase any smudges or uneven lines with a dab of remover on a cotton swab. For more precise corrections, use a small and angled brush dipped in makeup remover to refine the shape and achieve sharp, clean lines.  

5. Set with Powder  

Set it with a matching eyeshadow color or translucent powder to lock in your liquid eyeliner and prevent it from smudging throughout the day. Once it has dried, gently press the powder over the eyeliner using a small, flat brush. This step not only enhances longevity but also intensifies the color payoff, ensuring your liquid eyeliner stays vibrant and flawless for hours.  

6. Practice Patience  

Gel or liquid eyeliner requires both a steady hand and patience. Take your time and work in small, controlled movements to avoid mistakes. Keep practicing to achieve the perfect eyeliner.  

7. Angle the Brush  

For winged eyeliner, angle the brush towards the end of your brow to create a flattering and symmetrical wing shape. Experiment with different angles until you find what works best for your eye shape.   

8. Clean Up with Concealer  

Use a small, flat makeup brush dipped in concealer for crisp, sharp lines to clean up any mistakes or uneven edges you made while using the gel or liquid eyeliner. This technique helps to define the shape of your eyeliner and create a polished finish. It also brightens the under-eye area, giving your eyes a more awake and refreshed look.   

Mastering how to apply gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner unlocks a world of creative possibilities for enhancing your eyes. Whether you seek a subtle definition or a dramatic statement, both gel and liquid eyeliner offer the tools to achieve your desired look. With practice and premium quality products, you can easily become a pro in creating drama that attracts everyone's attention. Character Cosmetics brings you a handpicked range of eyeliners along with other eye makeup and face makeup products to complete the divine look you can flaunt. 

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